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I Think My Bed Hates Me!

Do you have a love-hate relationship with your bed? Do you eagerly await going to sleep every evening, only to be plagued with long periods of feeling uncomfortable or waking up in the night? Then it might not be your fault. In fact, you may be suffering from a bed that hates you! Luckily there are some things that you can do to repair this damaged relationship between you and your bed. Read on to find out more.


Not enough people put the right amount of thought into choosing a bed frame. Yes, of course, you want your bedroom to look nice, but that really isn’t the most important thing about it. You wouldn’t pick a really ornate pretty chair to sit on at work all day if it was uncomfortable, would you? Then you shouldn’t do that with you bed frame either.

Your bed frame should be three things. First, it should be big enough to comfortably hold everyone that will be sleeping in it. So if you are cosleeping with your baby, then you will need more room. Same goes if you have pets so cute that you just can’t bear to turf them off the bed at night.

Next, it should be sturdy and put together well. If it creaks and groans like it will fall apart every time you turn over, it just isn’t going to promote a restful night’s sleep.

Thirdly it should have a supportive base. Mobile wooden slats may be ok for your first home, but after that, you should make sure that you have a bit more support for your lumbar region.


Of course, it’s not just the frame that makes for a comfy bed. The mattress also has a huge amount to do with this. Get a mattress that is too hard, and you could be in for a tough night where you just can’t get comfy. Get one too soft, and while it might feel divine when you first get into bed it won’t support your joints enough during the night. Making you be waking up again and again, way before your alarm goes off.

So instead of just going for whatever mattress is on offer on the day you go to buy a new one, do some research beforehand. Check out the type of mattress that matches the way that you sleep by reading pages like this memory foam mattresses guide. You will be clued up on what is the best choice for your comfort.



Some bed frames also come with headboards built on. The can be both a curse and a blessing. A wrought iron headboard can look pretty but isn’t too comfy when you want to sit up in bed and read.

Other beds have upholstered cushioned headboards which are a lot more conducive to your comfort. It doesn’t matter if you knock your head against them when you turn over in the night so much either.

If you have a bed that came as just a divan, you can buy a headboard separately and fix it to the wall. Or you can make your own. Just make sure that you measure the top of the bed and compare it to the figures given in the listing.


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