Our Thoughts on ABCmouse.com


Our Thoughts on ABCmouse.com
Our Thoughts on ABCmouse.com

Our Thoughts on ABCmouse.com

A few months ago we were presented with an offer to try ABCmouse.com at a really tough time in our lives. I wanted to make sure that our then 3 year old was being challenged enough but at the same time my granddad was just placed in Hospice care. We had discussed homeschooling in the past and at the time I wanted to make sure that Jack was getting what he needed while I was handling things on my own as well. Jack was also about to become a big brother and I needed something to occupy him that wasn’t mindless on the tablet.

He jumped in the very first night and I was amazed. He caught on so fast and in no time he was singing, dancing, learning at such a rapid pace and also becoming more and more independent when it came to his schooling and even things around the house. ABCmouse.com gave Jack a feeling that he was more grown up and that he was in control of so many things. I love that everything is broken down into lessons and he was able to repeat things if he needed to, but if he mastered something we just moved on.

ABCmouse.com quickly became “mouse school” as Jack called it and he wakes each morning wanting to start his next lessons. I love that I can keep track of his progress even if I am not sitting with him through every single lesson also. I have my own mom account where I can make changes to things when I need to and keep an eye things.

Jack’s favorite parts of ABCmouse.com vary from day to day and that is great too. He is on his little Summer vacation from schooling right now and we are working on some of the games which are fun for him, but still educational. I feel that even though he is taking a break from the lessons he is still getting things accomplished and his brain isn’t going to mush like so many other kids.

For less than $8 a month (would be even less if we paid for the whole year at a time) we find that Jack is challenged, more focused and loves his new schooling adventures. This program is preparing him for Kindergarten and beyond! I feel that he will be reading well before his 5th birthday and making huge tracks compared to those in other programs.

If you are interested in giving ABCmouse.com a shot I highly recommend it. We are offering a special 1 month free trial from Product Review Cafe & ABCmouse.com for our readers– Give it a shot 100% risk free and report back. Let me know what you think of it. You can cancel at any time and not be billed, but if you are anything like we were your kid will be hooked and you won’t want to cancel the amazing progress he or she is making.

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Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 8 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

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