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Throw a Party That Every Age Will Enjoy


Throw a Party That Every Age Will Enjoy

Throughout the year you will find yourself hosting parties for a variety of reasons. Graduations, children’s and adult’s birthdays, and family gatherings are all wonderful times to celebrate. These parties often have a guest list that includes everyone from the newest baby to the eldest grandparent. It can be difficult to throw a party that they can all enjoy together, but the following tips can help you do just that.


It can be a challenge to create a menu that is suited to all ages. Keep it basic. For example, chicken strips are an excellent kid food that you can make appealing to the grown-ups by serving them with a variety of dipping sauces that have a more adult appeal. Go ahead and use the traditional mac-n-cheese as a side, but skip the box. Homemade macaroni and cheese is loved by everyone. Fruit slices and bite size vegetables fit in perfectly for all ages and diets.


Some games like pin the tail on the donkey are geared towards children while charades can often be too complex for the kids. Go for something that everyone can do. Cornhole is perfect for the smallest children right on up to the seniors in your group. If you are wondering where to buy cornhole bags and boards, look online at sites such as Custom Corntoss. Ladder ball is another great option along with horseshoes.


Kids love the brightly colored decorations that are themed with their favorite cartoon characters and super heroes. These are wonderful for a child’s party, but if your gathering is for a more adult type of celebration, keep this décor to a minimum. Decorate a specific area for the kids. Include small tables and chairs, crafts, and toys to keep them busy. Select one or two coordinating colors for the rest of the decorations, but leave the characters to the little one’s section.

With a little pre-planning when it comes to the food, decorations, and games, you will be able to host a party that everyone will enjoy. The adults will have just as much fun as the children, and everyone will have an opportunity to spend quality time together while making memories that last a lifetime.


No party is complete without some great music. Often some of the best music is literally right in your back yard with great local bands.  When planning a party don’t forget to book a musician so that all of your guests can dance and sing along. Pair the music with high-quality stage lights and you’ll want to dance all night long.

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