Tips for Preparing for Your Fairytale Beach Wedding!


Tips for Preparing for Your Fairytale Beach Wedding!

Getting married to your soulmate is a dream come true. To make this dream even more special, having the perfect wedding is a must. The most beautiful setting for a wedding is the beach. Beautiful sunsets, clear white sand, and music of the waves crashing are absolutely serene.

If you are looking for planning a beach wedding read on to find out tips to make your beach wedding a complete success!


Preparations for the Function


If you are opting to have your ceremony on the beach, there are various things to consider


  • Inform your guests


While inviting your friends and family make sure they are aware of the location of the wedding since they will need to prepare as well. You do not want unhappy and cribbing guests because they were unaware and are uncomfortable at the function. You can also keep welcome bags for your guests which has some basic beach necessities like sunscreen, flip flops, hand fans, towels and other such products.


  • Make use of natural beauty


The beach itself is such a beautiful place that you do not need to do anything extra for decorating the place where the function will take place. Make use of the natural beauty and use minimalistic decoration which will complement the beauty of the ocean.


  • Permit first!


You will require permit to hold your function at the beach. So, make sure you have found out all the details and applied before you invite and finalize your wedding on the beach. Another better option is to opt for resorts which host weddings on the beach. This saves you the hassle of worrying about permits and everything else that needs to be taken care of for making your wedding successful!


  • Make sure it’s accessible


Wedding days are big days not only for the bride and groom but also for their close friends and family. So, you must keep in mind the accessibility of the location. You may want your wedding in a secluded exotic place but if it is extremely difficult and expensive to get to, you may not have too many people who may be able to make it to your wedding. There are various options available where you can have a secluded yet accessible beach wedding.


  • Privacy is a must


If you are planning your wedding on a public beach on a weekend keep in mind the general public. Beaches are where a lot of people like to spend their weekends, so you have to be careful about being intruded and disturbed by strangers on the beach. To avoid this, you can either plan your wedding on a weekday to avoid the weekend crow or once again opt for a resort with a private beach which offers private wedding ceremonies.


  • Backup plan


Nature can be unpredictable. Even if you have checked all the weather reports it is a smart idea to have a backup plan as nature can have a mind of its own. You don’t want to find yourself stuck and with no option if it starts to rain or any other issue occurs.


For the Bride

The bride is the center of attention and she needs to be more prepared than anyone else.



  • Wedding dress


The beach is a beautiful place to have your wedding, but you also need to keep in mind that it is going to be a messy affair. The wind and sand on the beach should not make you miserable so plan your dress accordingly. A long flowy dress is something you should avoid as it will be trailing and collecting a lot of sand along with it! Keep it simple and easy so that you can enjoy your wedding to the fullest



  • Shoes


Sinking heels in the sand- nightmare. Choose shoes like flats or wedges which will not sink and at the same time keep your outfit looking gorgeous. After all, you want to be able to walk around at your own wedding.



  • Hair


Sea- breeze can be extremely humid. Some women can have perfectly natural sea breeze hair whereas for others it can end up looking messy. Either opt for an updo which will keep you looking polished or have a stylist at call who can fix your hair as and when needed


Planning and doing a bit of research beforehand will make sure that your wedding turns out to be perfect and a memorable event.

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