Tips To Choose The Perfect Puppy Breed For Your Family

Tips To Choose The Perfect Puppy Breed For Your Family

Choosing a puppy is a fantastic event for the whole family, and getting everyone to agree on which breed to love and cherish is where the tricky part comes in. Understanding which dog breeds to choose from is essential for your family’s happiness and the best life for your new family member. 


Making sure that your new puppy has great health and veterinary care, which Paoli Vetcare can provide, is just one of the many factors you will need to prioritize. Still, a puppy makes a house a home.


And we have listed some things that you must consider to assist in selecting your new furry family member.


Space Is Everything To Your Family And Puppy

One of the essential needs of a dog is how much space your puppy will need, as some dogs can happily stay inside all day, and some breeds need to run non-stop. Research on the amount of exercise your puppy of choice will need, and if you choose an active breed and your family lives in a small space. You will most certainly need to take the dog on daily walks to get rid of all that puppy energy.


Children’s Needs And Dogs Needs

This can be a hard topic as some dogs are most certainly not child friendly which can cause issues, especially with the fact that even the most well-behaved child at any age will eventually pull a dog’s ears or tail, and this can be dangerous if the puppy is not child friendly. 


Understanding that if you have a highly active child, you will most certainly want to look at an active dog breed to keep your children busy all day and keep the dog’s energy needs by letting children play with the puppy. If you have children that prefer to be indoors and not live life on the active side, many dog breeds give the perfect company when watching a movie as they will happily cuddle on your lap all day.


Allergies Can Be A Real Deal Breaker 

Allergies can become worse if you have a dog. Research is recommended on which dogs are the best breed for hypoallergenic needs. Some dog breeds shed at a higher rate than others and require more grooming. With this, you will need to find a breed that sheds the least amount possible if any family member suffers from allergies. 


Keep in mind if you are a family that will allow your dog to sleep inside or outside, keeping a dog that sheds a lot inside can be another issue altogether as everything will be covered in fur; this doesn’t mean that you should love your dogs less looking at the positive side of this situation it can be a great exercise to keep your home fur-free.


Families come in all sizes, and the size of your home doesn’t matter. There is a puppy out there that will fit in perfectly with your family’s needs if you do the right amount of research. Once you have chosen a breed, be sure you have all the essentials to welcome your new puppy home. 

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