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Tips When Getting A Piercing

Getting piercings is something that most people will get over their lifetime. Whether it’s ear piercings from a young age or doing a piercing that you do in a moment of spontaneity. It’s a way of decorating your body and it’s something unique. Here are some tips when getting a piercing to make sure you’re doing it right, and it’s something you want.

Sleep Well The Night Before

When you’re getting a piercing, you want to feel at your best. Your pain threshold will be different to other people, but regardless of what it is, when you’re tired, your body isn’t going to be feeling it’s best, and therefore you’re going to feel that piercing a lot more than you would if you had a full night’s sleep. So for the sake of the pain, try to get a good night’s sleep the night before. A full seven to nine hours is essential for you to feel fully charged and ready to take on the world. No one wants to feel more pain than normal, and if you’re walking into it feeling tired and exhausted, then it’s not going to feel good, and it might take your body longer to recover from the piercing afterwards.


Don’t Drink

Drinking before a piercing or tattoo is a big no-no. Alcohol thins the blood, and when you’re getting a piercing, it’s making a puncture into the skin, and that means you’re likely to bleed a lot more as a result. It’s important for those who are doing the piercing that it’s a clean procedure, and having drank beforehand is never going to end well. A lot of those who do piercings are likely to not do it if they can smell alcohol on you or you’ve come clean that you’ve been drinking. As much as you might want your dutch courage, it’s not going to help.


Take Someone With You

It’s good to take someone with you for moral support when it comes to getting a piercing because sometimes it can be a bit nerve-racking, especially when you are having a piercing for the first time. It’s also worth doing some research especially for new piercings, like monroe piercing pain, read more here. Having someone for moral support can be great as they can ease your nerves and also keep


Follow Through With The Aftercare Advice

In terms of aftercare advice, you want to make sure you follow it to the letter. When you have piercings, it can be something that is quite painful, but also it’s easily a thing that can get infected if it’s not properly looked after. Make sure you follow their advice and try to keep up with it even when you think it’s back to normal, and you’re out of the woods when it comes to infections.


Getting a piercing is a fun way to show something on your body, but make sure it’s something you definitely want to do. It can be temporary, but it’s good to be sure you want it!


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