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Tiredness No-Nos: What Not To Do When You’re Feeling Tired

We all know little tips and tricks that can help to wake us up whenever we start flagging through the day. For instance, many people swear that drinking plenty of caffeine can keep their energy levels at a constant high. However, some of these so-called tried and tested ways to stay awake may not be doing us as much good as we had originally thought. Want to know what the worst things you can do while you’re feeling sleepy are? Then read on!

Take A Nap


Naps are great, right?! You just need to take a quick forty winks in the middle of the day and, hey presto, you feel right as rain once you wake up! Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work like that, more often than not, people usually feel a lot worse once they wake up from their nap. You run the risk of oversleeping when you nap, and this can mess up your entire sleep schedule. It’s best to try and stay awake, but if you do feel the need to nap set an alarm so that it is no longer than thirty minutes.


Drink A Coffee


Coffee seems to be everyone’s secret weapon against tiredness. Some people think that the only way they can power through the day is by downing coffee after coffee! However, this isn’t a good tactic to take. Once the effects of the caffeine wear off, you will be left feeling even more tired and incredibly sluggish. Rather than all that caffeine, it’s best to sip on peppermint tea or water through the day, which can provide your body with a natural energy boost.


Rub Your Eyes


One of the first parts of our body that is affected by tiredness is or eyes. You can tell just how tired someone is feeling by simply looking at their eyes. If they look red and puffy, then they definitely didn’t get their full seven hours of sleep last night! You will find that rubbing your eyes can help to make them feel better but do you know why rubbing your eyes can harm your vision? There are various reasons why this should be avoided. For instance, it can speed up the development of crow’s feet and can also place excessive pressure on the cornea.


Head To The Gym


Some people believe that hitting the gym hard will unleash some energy within them. But this just isn’t how our body works. You will instead find that going to the gym while you are tired is just one big waste of time. Your body won’t have enough energy to put into the workout so you will find that you don’t perform as you would normally. If you are extremely tired, you may even find it almost impossible to keep up with your regular workout routine. Not only that, though, but you will be at a higher risk of straining a muscle and developing cramp.
What’s the best way of dealing with tiredness? Ideally, you need to get enough sleep to prevent it in the first place!

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