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Top 5 Blue Colors Recommended By Painting Contractor in Grants Pass

Top 5 Blue Colors Recommended By Painting Contractor in Grants Pass

Painting the home exterior should be fancy enough. And choosing the color for it is sometimes very opinionated as there are so many people at home with distinct choices. However, if you have fixed a single tone but confused with the shades, it is far more terrible.


Most of the time, blue is the only color and premier one for your home exteriors. Along with the interior colors, there are times when you might think that you will prefer to paint the house blue – but the confusion of air comes up as there are so many shades to choose from. 


However, why is this color the topic of discussion? Since it signifies nature’s color for water and sky. It is hardly found in fruits and vegetables. It is embraced as the hue of heaven and authority. It is cold and wet and slow as compared to the warmness of red.


This tone conveys a sense of trust, loyalty, cleanliness, and understanding. With several providers such as https://valleypaintingpros.com/ you can learn more about painting services and receive good suggestions from the painting contractors. If you have confusion let this article clear the air and act as a stepping-stone to choosing the best hue.


The Color Blue Black

The hottest exterior hue in the painting shades. One of the most popular this year. Dark colors like black or navy sit at the top of the exterior color. So, if you choose the darker version with a grayish undertone just like the Goblin – it will make your home look trendy. You can pair the blue-black with a white-hue coronation to show the shade at its best.


The Color Slate Blue


Navy blue itself is much popular among people. With dark shades being the most sought after in the modern days – this hue stays in the top list of choices. The darker the color, the moodier it makes your home. 


If you are someone who likes moody paints and if super-dark is something not of your style, try a slate blue like the cloud. The vibrant and neutral twilight hue is just perfect for the craftsman, coastal homes, or New-England style homes. 


Other than this, you can also pick some different hues to paint the exterior of your home. Read this post to choose a color other than it for the exterior of your house.


The Color Gray Blue


As mentioned earlier, the blue color stays at the top of the list. It, being the calmest and most serene, is able to complement the variety of tones such as white, black, yellow, red, and other shades. The mid-tone hues like the chalky ones will never go out of style. With this, you can pair the creamy hue like the oatmeal color to keep the exterior looking fresh as always in any weather.


The Color Sky Blue


If you are going to paint the exterior of your home not so frequently, say in an interval of 8 to 10 years, it is important to get the color right. So, choose a hue that is going to stand the time, say the lighter version of blue.


Even somewhere between sky blue and periwinkle is also a good choice. It is generally the hue of our Stratosphere. It is beautiful with wood and stone accents and works extraordinarily perfect with brick and wrought iron. You can even ensemble with delicate white.


The Color of Aqua


The bright blue-green color which is perfect for the homes which lie just next to the beach, Aqua it is called and is one of the optimistic tones to reflect the summer attitude, and the sun dripped weather. 


You can paint the walls with seascape green and add a punch to the front door with lime green color. If your home is located inside the land, you can still add the taste of the coast to your life.


Wrapping Up


This article is one way to get started and clear your confusion if you have a strong liking for the different shades of this tone.


If you know that it is the perfect hue for your exterior, but not sure which shade to choose, talk to the experts like the ones at Grant Pass. Meet the exterior house painter and get handy with the perfect guide to paint your house today.


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