Top 6 Services an Emergency Dentist Can Perform

Top 6 Services an Emergency Dentist Can Perform


Not all the time, you’ll experience problems and emergencies that involves your oral and dental health. However, when you suddenly experienced these kind of concerns, how can we tell which ones are dental and oral emergencies? What can an emergency dentist do? When is the right time that we will be needing them? Listed below are the top 6 services an emergency dentist can perform. 



Broken, Cracked or Fractured Teeth

A broken or fractured tooth does not automatically mean you will need an emergency dentist. Try rinsing your mouth first with warm water and salt to help you relieve the pain. A small chip is slightly tolerable, but a larger crack can be more serious. Such emergencies usually arise when you get injured from physical activities. Pain in the teeth can also occur when a tooth is week or has a cavity. These scenarios definitely needs an emergency dentist. They are specially trained to treat these kind of cases of tooth damage. If you’re in a real emergency, you should visit and give them a call and set a dental appointment with them as soon as possible.



Unexplained Mouth Pain or Toothache

Any type of unexplained mouth pain and toothaches are definitely an emergency. These kind of discomfort means that there is a serious problem that needs to be treated before a more serious damage may occur. Going to an emergency dentist right away when this scenario happens may prevent you from having a more costly procedure.



Dental Abscess, Pus, or Minor-to-Moderate Bleeding that Won’t Stop

Bleeding gums, dental abscess or any slight presence of pus can cause serious pain in the mouth. These are one of the most painful dental emergencies. You must immediately call an emergency dentist in order to prevent spreading and further infection. 



Loose or Broken Crown

A broken crown is actually one of the leading dental emergencies that requires urgent treatment. It can expose nerves on your tooth and making even a little amount of air across the tooth excruciating. Call an emergency dentist to immediately replace the broken dental piece.



Exposed Nerve

An exposed nerve is definitely an emergency. You will experience an incredible pain, but it also means that your nerves are still alive and functioning. If the pain suddenly stops, it means that a dead nerve is present and this will lead to a more serious dental condition. When you experienced this, immediately call an emergency dentist and schedule an appointment right away.



Swollen or Acute Pain of the Jaw

While a lot of people are able to endure severe jaw pain, the level of discomfort is still a serious problem that needs to be treated right away or this will cause a more serious damage. Immediately call emergency dentist for further assistance and treatment.



Dental Emergencies may not be as life threatening compared to any other type of medical emergencies, but they are just as important. Any kind of pain and discomfort are considered red flags. The longer you delay, the more serious as it gets and the more expensive the treatment becomes. So, might as well run to your emergency dentist from Inspired Dentistry of Charlotte dental clinic when you experience such cases in order to prevent more damage, and thus saving your teeth and your smile.

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