Top Jackpot Slots to Play in 2020

Top Jackpot Slots to Play in 2020 

It’s crucial for those who want to play slots to be able to find the right games for them to enjoy. Taking the time to search for the best game is the ideal way to find the one that works best for you (or the ones that work best for you as there is no rule that you only have to play one slot game for the rest of your life!). This search can be tedious though, and can cost some money if you want to try every game that looks like it might be of interest – check out

We’ve come up with a list of some of the very best online jackpot slots to play in 2020 so that you don’t have to go searching for the ones that are going to be the most fun. Try them all or just find the one that is the best and enjoy every moment. 

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah always seems to come out on top when lists are made of the very best slot games around and there is a good reason for this; it is the slot game that has paid out the highest amount of money ever in the UK. It happened in 2015, and it was a huge £13.2 million.

This was an unusually high jackpot, but since the normal jackpots are good as well on Mega Moolah, totalling on average around £6 million, and since that jackpot is won around every four to six weeks or so (although this is never guaranteed, of course), people do love to play it. 

Hall Of Gods

Made by NetEnt, Hall of Gods has been another popular slot that offers some great chances of winning. It first arrived in online casinos in 2010, but although it is potentially one of the oldest games out there (at least of the ‘new wave’ of slots that were colourful and exciting), it is still a firm favourite. It tends to pay out around every five months or so, and the prize is often around £5 million. 

The RTP (return to player) for Hall of Gods is 95.7 percent, and if you have a three times multiplier when you win a free spin, you’ll have the potential to win 4,314 times your original stake. Could this be the reason so many people like playing Hall of Gods? It certainly can’t hurt.

Age Of Gods

Age of Gods is not to be confused with Hall of Gods, despite the similar name. The theme of ancient gods must be a popular one, since there are a number of different games relating around this theme. Age of Gods is created by Playtech, and is definitely a game that should be considered one of the top in 2020. 

The jackpots in this game are smaller than some of the others (they are about £500,000 and come around six to seven weeks), but since the game is so great to play, no one is going to mind. In fact, why would anyone mind winning half a million pounds in the first place?!

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