Top Open Source WordPress Blogging and Hosting Companies for Review

Top Open Source WordPress Blogging and Hosting Companies for Review

WordPress is the new standard when it comes to web design today, and even more importantly, many people are converting to the blogging platform in order to make their very own websites. But what’s important is that there are literally hundreds of hosting companies that can offer what you would normally have to pay for at others.

What is Open Source WordPress?

Open Source WordPress is actually manual or managed installation of WordPress that gives you ultimate flexibility of it. When you get WordPress hosted through, you end up spending money on a managed WordPress that doesn’t give you as many options because you’re limited to what they offer. The only thing you can control is the removal of ads, and of course, you get a promise of 100 percent uptime, and of course your domain name (if you purchase one and forward it to your WordPress page).

But why do that when WordPress is free to download and install on your own host that you can choose with cheaper options? You get the same WordPress, no ads, no “Powered by WordPress”, literally almost the same uptime (the only time that big hosting companies may end up causing you to not have your site up is when they do updates in the middle of nowhere). So you get 99.95 percent uptime? So what. It’s all basically the same amount of uptime. Some people worry about these things, but they’re completely irrelevant to what you should choose. Nowadays, there’s WordPress coupon code available online that you can use to save more money when you’ve decided to upgrade in premium account.

Some of the Best Hosting Sites

Some of the best hosting sites that are out there out of the hundreds are listed below. There are many things to consider other than uptime, like their support, ease of use, their price (the most important factor), and just as important is their flexibility and options you can choose from so you get the right value for your needs.

  1. A2Hosting is the top website hosting reviews pick. They’re not owned by the Endurance International Group, as many web hosting platforms are, and they’re uptime is very steady. They also have a great cPanel that is easy to use, and you can install a manual WordPress on it rather easily. Not only that, but they also have a great price for having everything that you could think of.
  2. SiteGround is another web host that has cPanel, MySQL databases, WordPress (you can choose to manually install it or use their managed version), and though you get all of these items, they’re a little more expensive, but they have pretty good support. Of course, you won’t get bad support with any of these sites on this list, but this is one of the better choices.
  3. (previously is a great hosting company that has been around for years. Ionos recently partnered up with and though the company itself is based in Europe. It has extremely high uptime and has offices in 10 countries worldwide, being one of the largest web hosting companies in the world. Their support is excellent aside from the occasional language barrier that you may get, and they’ve been service U.S. customers since 2003. You can get a hosted WordPress, a pretty easy to use cPanel interface, and it has databases, unlimited e-mails, subdomains and more. Plus, it’s one of the cheapest hosting companies in the world, offering initial business account for $8 per month, and of course domain re-registration after the first year of 10 bucks. That’s extremely cheap for everything and full flexibility that you can control.


Even though you can get some other items a little cheaper, it’s important that you realize that A2hosting has some pretty suite deals, and you do get the comfort of a popular variety of hosting from a well-known hosting site. Not only that, but it has much higher reviews than some of the more popular hosting sites of today.

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