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Top Picks for Men – Cool Tech Gadgets

Top Picks for Men – Cool Tech Gadgets

In this article, we’re going to give you some awesome gadgets that every modern man should have, which are innovative yet have immense features that you could only get when it comes to ease of use, convenience, and full deliver-ability. There are tons of toys out there for us men, but when it comes to having something that we guys can definitely benefit from for ourselves, these lists normally swings towards just tools, or just office supplies. In this tech guide, we’re going to give you the top 5 review of cool tech gadgets that men should own.


  • Hamilton Beach Dual Sandwich Maker
    This wicked sandwich maker is perfect for being a multi-function utility that allows you to literally do everything in it at once. You can toast your buns while also frying up your adding more ingredients (eggs, tomatoes, onions, and more). Then literally makes it all hot and ready to eat at the same time. When it comes to serving man-food, this is a great tool that is available at places like Amazon, and even Wal-Mart.
  • Susunto Core’s Active Watch
    This amazing timepiece is built with sturdy yet sleek features that are perfect for the man, as well as having storm alarms, and smart features which make an excellent accessory for the outdoorsman, hiker, or even the working groundsman. It is weatherproof, windproof (no, it’s not a Zippo), as well as comes with a fully functional compass, barometer, and even altimeter build right into it. Whether you’re getting this for a gift, or just for yourself, it’s an essential necessity (of course it’s also a watch).
  • Echo Dot
    Alexa has become a very popular gadget which almost everyone has now in order to control and synchronize your many devices throughout your home. The smart utility is able to help you when it comes to access, power on, and even execute commands. Sometimes it can even have witty responses, and though it gains a lot of popularity online with humorous videos getting funny results from using the famous platform, Amazon’s Echo Dot is no exception to full functionality that you can only get with this product. It’s like a smart remote control for your home that is voice activated.
  • BOSE QuietComfort 35 Head Phones
    Bose has been an innovative leader for years when it comes to listening and sound development, as well as sound quality products, speakers, and more. That being said, these noise cancelling headphones can eliminate nearly all background sound, while letting you have the ultimate comfort and a unique high quality listening experience that only Bose has been known to deliver for decades.


  • The Lamicall Phone Stand
    This adjustable cell phone stand is a perfect all-in-one dock for your cell phone, and it can adjust. It has been developed to be universal to numerous sizes of devices, from the new iPhone 5 and up, as well as most android devices that have up to an 8-inch screen. Think of it as a way to dock, charge, and still be able to have ultimate ease of use for your mobile phone. This makes a great gadget for the home or office (or both) so you can literally enjoy comfort and still have full accessibility of your phone without having to actually hold it.

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