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Top Rules On How To Make Your Bedroom A Blissful Haven

Your bedroom is where you spend the most amount of time in your life. Granted, you may not be awake for a lot of that time! But that does not mean your body isn’t working while you sleep. Our bodies need sleep to slow our breathing and heart rate down and enable our brains to recover. It is a period in which our bodies detoxify, restore themselves and renew cells. Hence, when we don’t get enough sleep we become grouchy, irritable and short-tempered. If you feel you are not sleeping as well as you could be, here are some top tips on how to make your bedroom a blissful haven. Create a peaceful environment to put you on the way to those all important zzz’s and help increase your energy during the day.


Declutter For A Beautiful Bedroom
Think about how you feel when you go on vacation. Often we choose hotels with beautifully designed bedrooms because it feels like a treat. But why not create that design in your own bedroom so that every night you feel like you are sleeping in a luxury hotel room? Seeing as we spend about a third of our lives sleeping, it makes sense to put some effort into the bedroom. To create a beautiful bedroom, you first need to free that room of clutter. If you use your bedroom for children’s toys, paperwork or as a second office, move that stuff now. Designate proper storage space for everything that shouldn’t be in the bedroom. If you find you lack space, consider investing in extra storage cabinets in the living room for these items. To guarantee sleep that is both restful and rejuvenating, you do not need reminding of all the stuff that goes on in the day.


Three Hero Pieces For A Blissful Haven


You do not need to invest in a lot of furniture for your bedroom. Hero pieces should be multi-functional bedside cabinets, a high-quality mattress and good lighting. Your mattress is where you will spend a third of your life. So invest in the best. Do your research when buying a new mattress and test, test, test. Investigate the best mattresses on the market. Research reports such as this guide to tempur memory foam mattresses, to make an informed decision. Your mattress will be a big part of your bedroom for the next eight or so years, so it’s important to choose the right one for your lifestyle. Bedside cabinets you should be aesthetically beautiful but also multi-functional. Depending on the style of your bedroom, you may choose glass, mahogany or marble. But make sure you have a small drawer at the top for spectacles, reading books and a diary. And then have a deeper drawer at the bottom for underwear, lingerie or everyday t-shirts. Keep the top clutter free with just a candle, a bottle of water and/or a jewellery/watch holder. Lighting is crucial to a bedroom. If it’s the space where you get ready in the morning, then invest in bright built-in ceiling lights. But also remember to include a dimmer switch so you can control the light down to a warm glow. Both sides of the bed should feature a sculpturally designed bedside light. This should exude a warm, subdued glow rather than a bright light. Night-time is when you are winding down. Make a rule to keep all smartphone usage outside of the bedroom and choose to read or talk before bedtime instead.


The Finishing Touches


Leave any worries of the day at the bedroom door. If you want to get into a ritual, write the things you are worried about on a notepad and address them the next day. Learn that there is nothing you can do about them when the world is asleep. You will also find that they seem far less problematic in the morning. Invest in beautiful bedding. Choose a high tog count duvet for the winter and a low tog count for the summer. Use high thread count Egyptian cotton on your bottom bed sheets. And buy a beautiful duvet cover in a calming color to wrap you up while you sleep. Choose black-out blinds to block out the light. And open those windows no matter what the season to keep the room cool come bedtime. Invest in fluffy robes and hotel-style slippers to evoke a boutique-style feel to your bedroom. And last, but certainly not least, learn to relax. Because it’s true that a good night’s sleep gives you much more clarity, come morning.

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