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Top Tips to Improve Your Hearing Today


It can be very unsettling to feel like the quality and health of our hearing is declining. As we get older the health of our ears and hearing can naturally decrease so it’s really important that we are taking the steps to maintain the health of ours for as long as possible. Here are our top tips for doing just that.


Get Your Ears Cleaned


Sometimes our hearing problems can be caused by simple wax build up. Therefore sometimes all that we need is a good ear cleaning. If your ears feel plugged we recommend you go to your local doctor to have them checked out. Cleaning Your Ears with a specialist who can remove the wax, is a super simple, pain free procedure. Getting your ears checked regularly is really important as sometimes all you need is a quick clean but sometimes there maybe something slightly more concerning going on, which you need to deal with as soon as possible. So keeping on top of the health of your ears with a specialists is imperative.


Lifestyle Improvement


Having a healthy and balanced diet and lifestyle is the best way to maintain good health and to keep our ears healthy.  Whilst we tend to focus on what we put into our bodies for many areas of our bodies, we don’t always concentrate on what we can be doing to directly improve the health of our ears.


Making sure you spend time relaxing and destressing is imperative for good health in general, but also for ear health specifically. When we are stressed, a brain chemical called ‘dynorphin’ reacts to that stress by triggering an inflammation in the brain, and more specifically in the ear. This inflammation can not only trigger hearing loss but can also result in hearing problems such as tinnitus. So making sure you spend time looking after yourself and relaxing is really important to keep this chemical to a minimum and your ear health at a maximum


Chewing Gum


New scientific research has revealed that chewing gum, can actually directly affect the health of our ears. Apparently it can help prevent hearing loss as the activity of chewing can help distract our brains from stress and from the aggravation of loud noises.


Maintaining a Healthy Weight


Being mindful of our weight is another surprising area that allows us to nurture the health of our ears. Scientists are discovering that slimming down is a good way to improve our hearing health. Because being overweight can result in problems like high blood pressure, this can restrict the blood flow to the inside of the ear meaning that loss of hearing may be the resulting side-effect.


Get Active
Last on our list is exercise. Recent research has revealed that people who walked for a minimum of two hours a week had almost a 16% lower risk of decreased hearing. Those who walked less than this were said to be more prone to ear infections and decreased hearing. So there has never been a better excuse to get those walking boots on, in the fight for better hearing health.

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