Top Tips On The Installation of Foxbody Headlights

Top Tips On The Installation of Foxbody Headlights


If you currently own a Mustang that was produced in between 1987 and 1993, it is what is referred to as a Fox Body. These are distinctive, conforming with the unique design of this particular Mustang that is no longer produced. The reason for the name is that this particular platform was made to essentially make the car smaller. When looking for headlights, you are going to refer to them as Fox Body headlights when you are trying to find them on the web. If you have recently acquired these headlights, and you would like to install them yourself, here are a few tips on how you can do FoxBody headlights installations.

How To Install Fox Body Headlights Quickly

Although it seems hard to believe, the Foxbody headlights were first introduced over 30 years ago. You will first have to open the hood of the car. You will reach in, using an 11 mm wrench. This will allow you to remove the nuts that are holding the light in place. You are also required to disconnect the bulb sockets. Once that is out, you will be able to take the headlight out. You will need to use a tool to pop open the cover. You will then install the new headlights into the headlight container. Reversing the process, you will reattach the headlight inside of the car using the 11 mm wrench and reconnect the bulb sockets.

Are There Any Problems That You Will Encounter?

Although this is a good strategy to use, you can run into certain problems. First of all, the nuts that are holding the light in place may have rusted over time. It may not be possible to manually use the 11 mm wrench to loosen and remove the nuts. If it does require a power tool, or if you end up having to remove the nuts, you may need to purchase new ones that are properly threaded. Another problem you may have is the cover to the light is going to be stuck. This will happen with older models. Essentially, it is the wear and tear of this product over time which is going to cause you the most difficulties.

When Is It Better To Take It Into A Mechanic?

The main reason it would be better to take it into a mechanic is that you are not able to follow these instructions and remove the headlights within a few minutes. It could be that the design is slightly different, or the wrench size that is recommended is not the proper one. Most people will try different wrenches, or they will use their prior expertise in working with cars, to somehow figure out what is wrong. However, instead of breaking something, or wasting what could be a couple hours trying to get this out, you should bring this to a mechanic, so they can get it fixed right away.

What Type Of Fox Body Headlight Kit Should You Get?

The type of kit that you get will depend on the one that you currently have installed. Although they may be interchangeable, it is good to know what you have so that you order the right one. For example, there are those that are called ultra-clear, ultra-smoked, smoked, and there is the deluxe headlight kit. Only the deluxe model has the amber sidemarkers. These can all be ordered online, and once you find them, replacing them should go as described above. If not, you will have at least save money by ordering the headlights from a discount provider and the mechanic will be able to help you if that’s what you need to do.

Why You Should Consider Installing Ultra Smoke Headlight Kits

The main reason for ordering this is that it has a very unique appeal. Instead of the clear headlights, or the slightly darker ones, these are extremely dark to the point where it looks like something is wrong. In reality, it is just the style of the headlight kits that are used. It will be one of those unique appearances that is only possible because of installing this particular type of headlight. If you have not use these before, you certainly need to consider doing so. It is a great way to really change the overall appearance of this vehicle. Once installed, you will be glad that you decided to use this style above all of the others.

Why Most People Are Not Going To Have Any Problems

There are several reasons why you will more than likely not have any problems. Even if you do have a vehicle that is over 30 years old, one of the original units that came out in 87, these vehicles are very well designed. It is unlikely that taking the headlights out with the wrenches going to pose a problem. The materials that are used in the construction of the headlights will also keep them intact. Therefore, if all you have is the wrench, and perhaps a screwdriver to maneuver the light out, you will be able to do this very quickly. You may even have a friend that has a Mustang just like you, from the same era, and they can help you with any tips that you need as you are doing this on your own.

These suggestions will make it possible for you to figure out how to fix this headlight by replacing it. The installation of a Fox Body headlight has been described in detail. If you do have one of these vehicles, and an 11 mm wrench, replacing the headlights should not be a problem. You should be able to find a way to remove them, and once you do, you will be able to drive your vehicle at night once again because you will have your brand-new FoxBody headlights installed using these simple procedures. If you do have any problems, there is always a mechanic nearby that you can either speak with, or simply bring it into have it done for you.

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