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The Tough World Of Post Christmas Gifting

Are you on of those unfortunate people who have a friend, relative or partner birthday right in the aftermath of Christmas? It can be tough, finding the right gift for someone who has likely just received all the gifts they want and need over the Christmas break. But don’t fret, there are many ideas here to help you overcome the huge difficulty and get a gift that will shine even amongst the plethora of Christmas gifts.


Sporting Event Tickets


If you know the person loves sports, then go for tickets. They aren’t bought as gifts that often, and can give you an excuse to buy two tickets so you can go along too. Australian Open tickets can be a safe bet, especially for the tennis fans. There are many other events to choose from, both nearer to home and far away. Just be careful and check the person’s schedule, you don’t want to buy tickets during a time they are going to be on holiday or busy doing something else. Tickets like these can be a real winner and set you and your gift out from the rest.

An Outdoor Activity


Try white water rafting, camping, kayaking, off roading, the list is endless. You can get something like this for someone who enjoys getting out into the unknown and trying new things. It can be a great gift as it is a break from the norm. If they are a car fan then perhaps a track day in a supercar or if they’re an adrenalin junky try skydiving. You would be surprised at how cheap some of these events are and they are all things that will create lasting memories for those taking part. There will be countless photo opportunities and ways of making new friendships depending on what kind of activity you choose.


A Gift For The Home


Ideal for those renovating or sprucing up their homes, ornamentation, pictures in frames, or personalised homeware can make a great gift. Just try to make sure it fits into what they’re doing with their home. There are many touches they might be making to their home, so to get it right try and sound out what they are doing before making any purchases. The same applies to their garden, if they enjoy gardening you have some great opportunities as spring quickly approaches. Ornamentation, wooden carvings, personalised slate plaques, the opportunities are almost limitless.


Spa Day


If the person in question leads a hectic and busy work or home life, then perhaps a nice relaxing spa day is what’s needed. You can get multiple types offering different treatments, and even overnight stays if you’re feeling generous. It can be a well appreciated gift that lets the recipient either enjoy some personal relaxation time or unwind with a partner or friend. You can find certain spas in the middle of bustling cities, or in the middle of nowhere in countryside retreats, so choose what they would most prefer, coupling the spa day with wild walks or shopping in a city centre.

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