Father's Day Gift Guide 2017

Treat Your Dad To The Ultimate Gift This Year

Fathers days come and go. Some are a success, with our gifts and treats going down a storm and some, well, not so much. Dads can sometimes be impossible to buy for and each year it can seem more and more difficult to find something for our dads birthdays and father’s day that they will really love. So today, we are sharing our top, truly thinking out of the box, gifting ideas to keep our dads happy.

Create a ‘Man Cave’


Instead of just thinking about all the gifts we can buy our dads, why not take it one step further and really treat them to a totally one off present. Why not roll those sleeves up and get to work creating an all singing all dancing man cave that your dad can really kick back and relax in.


Creating an area that your dad can call his own, a space where he can have a bit of quality, unadulterated, ‘dad’ time could be the best present you’ve ever gotten him. Firstly you will need to have a look around the home and see if there are any rooms or spaces in the home that you will have the go-ahead to transform.

If you have a spare bedroom, basement or even a garage to play with then you will be able to work on building up the room over time, as long as you tell your dad that it is a no-go area for the time being. If you only have one specific area in the home, that you have to play with you are going to need to do all the pre-planning first, then after bundling him out of the house one afternoon, you are then going to have to be seriously speedy in bringing all the details together so it’s all ready for when he gets home. 


The key ingredients for a top quality ‘dad cave’ is in creating a balance between relaxation and leisure. So you are going to want to think about the things that your dad enjoys and then think about how you can integrate them into his new man space. You should be focused on setting up a cool entertainment system with a TV, DVD or blu ray player, along with his favourite DVD’s. In front of the TV you will want to place a really comfortable sofa or armchair so that he can be really relaxed watching a movie, TV series or even just the evening news. You will want to look at the smaller details also including a nice rug and coffee table or side table and a couple of lamps to make it look super cosy. Or perhaps your dad is a hardcore gamer who loves nothing more than to spend all his time in the cave gaming for hours on end. If so, be sure to get the best gaming equipment for the room; anything from a gaming keyboard, a bluetooth gaming mouse to a gaming chair will definitely make him happy!


If your dad loves his sports then why not think about adding a few miniature sports items. Miniature football tables, basketball hoops, pool tables and dart boards are great options for turning a bland space into a really fun and sporty indoor zone. Jump online and look at the best dart board, pitch and putt machines or any other sporty item that you think your dad would enjoy.


Then look around the rest of the room and think about how you can use the rest of the space available to you. If you have an entire room to fill, look at other items around the house that you can use to decorate this room. Jump online for cheap, second hand items and even consider making a few items yourself. Hammering up a couple of decorative bookshelves or even building an indoor bar are just a couple of ideas of how you can really bring the room together.


Out of the Box Gifting


There really is no better way to show our dads how much we appreciate them, than with a really thoughtful gift. But it is precisely this kind of gifting that gets us scratching our heads, desperately looking for inspiration.


Personalised gifts are always a great idea to let dads know that we have put a lot of thought into something. Get a family heirloom engraved or hand making a picture frame to put his favourite picture in are just a couple of ideas to get your dad feeling a little misty eyed over a really thoughtful and sentimental gift.


Think about your dad’s hobbies, interests and personality and from there devise a list of things that you think he would really enjoy. Perhaps your dad is a football fanatic, in which case a season ticket for his favourite team would be a great gift for him. Or perhaps he has a favourite band that you can research and book a couple of tickets on their next tour.


If your dad is active and loves a bit of adventure why not really push the boat out and buy him something that will really bring out his adrenaline junky side. There are some amazing gifting ideas available these days that could give your dad a totally unique experience and a once in a lifetime memory. Whether that is spending an afternoon racing around a track in a sports car, jumping out of an aeroplane, abseiling down a building, taking a hot air balloon ride or even having a lesson learning how to fly a plane. So many bucket list entries are becoming possible these days so spend some time thinking about what your dad has always wanted to experience and then have a look online to see what is available to make his wildest wishes come true.  


Or perhaps you feel like your mum and dad never treat themselves to anything nice, so why not bring your mum into the equation too and treat them both to a lovely slap up meal or a romantic weekend away somewhere nice. Treating both your mum and dad to something a bit different, when it’s one of their birthdays, is a great way to hit two birds with one stone and have both of your parents feeling really loved. If you have other siblings you may want to consider all chipping into together to get them something really special.


The Best Things in Life are Free


Sometimes it’s not even about spending lots of cash, quite often the best gifts we can get for our dads are completely free. If your dad is particularly difficult to buy for, which of course a huge amount of dads are, then why not look at a more unique way of surprising him. Your dad’s favourite thing is probably just spending time with you. So if you haven’t been spending much time with him recently why not just think about ways that you can just spend some quality time together.


If your dad likes being outdoors then why not organise a surprise day out just the two of you (and any other siblings, of course). Should your dad be into fishing, for example, why not pack a nice picnic, surprise him in the morning by picking him up and whisking him off for a day’s fishing, slap up lunch, made by your own fair hand (they really love that) and just spend a really relaxing afternoon enjoying some quality time together.


Perhaps he’s been talking about wanting to go somewhere specific recently, so why surprise him by taking him somewhere he’s never been before and has always wanted to go. It really is sometimes just the simplest things that mean the most, so think of the different ways that you can make your dad feel really chuffed that you just want to spend time with him.


It could be something as simple as rocking up to his office on his birthday, or one day around father’s day to take him out for lunch. If your dad loves nothing more than a good chill out evening in front of the telly, then why not just turn up one evening with a take-away in one hand and his favourite movie in the other.


No one knows your dad like you do, so by just putting some thought into how you can do something for him that feels really personal, sentimental or thoughtful will go a long way in reminding your dad how special he is. We all know that being a dad can sometimes feel like a bit of a thankless job, so it is so important that every once in awhile we take it upon ourselves to remind them how appreciated they are. Whether that is by simply going on a sunday walk with them, buying them lunch, creating a whole new ‘dad area’ in the house or even paying for them to launch themselves out of a flying object, it’s not so important what we do, but how we do it, to show how much we care.



Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 12 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 12 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

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