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Using Psychology To Choose The Right Color For Your Home Office

Anybody that works from home will tell you that the most important thing is to set up a good office space that encourages productivity. When you’re designing your home office there are so many things to consider. How to layout the furniture so everything is easily accessible, making sure you get enough light in, avoiding clutter and setting up spaces for taking notes and organizing your calendar. But one thing that you probably didn’t put that much thought into is the color of the walls and furniture. You probably didn’t think that it makes much difference as long as the room is light and airy but research shows that different colors have wide ranging effects on productivity and thought processes. That’s why it’s so important to choose the colors carefully based on your aims when working in the office. These are some of the best colors and how they affect you while working.



Different colors are conducive to different styles of work but white is a good neutral color. That means it isn’t too distracting and if you’re doing a wide range of tasks in the office every day, it will help with concentration in all areas. If your work is a mixture of creative and admin tasks, the best thing to do is paint the walls white and use a lot of white furniture in the room. However, if you’re doing more specific tasks while you’re working, you might want to think about some of these other colors.



Red is often considered the color of danger and there is a good scientific reason for that. Seeing something red will increase your heart rate and raise your blood pressure and it can also distort your perception of time so it appears to pass faster than it is. It also grabs the attention which is why it’s used for traffic lights and warning signs all over the world. Most of the time, it’s not a good choice for the office but if there are certain things that you want to draw attention to like a calendar, for example, a red border will make sure that you don’t forget it. If there is a physical element to your work for some reason, red can work because it increases heart rate.



Studies show that blue stimulates the mind and encourages intense concentration for longer periods. If you do a lot of fairly repetitive tasks, like admin, then blue works very well. It lowers heart rate and appetite and has a calming effect so you can work for longer without getting distracted.



Yellow is a color that encourages a more emotional response in people but it isn’t always the best for concentration. If you’re doing a creative job like graphic design, for example, it’s the perfect color for inspiring creativity. However, the wrong shade of yellow can also cause feelings of anxiety so it’s important to go for a lighter, pastel shade of yellow rather than a darker one.


The psychology behind colors is fascinating and it can massively improve productivity in your home office.

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