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Virtual Reality in Real Estate


Virtual Reality in Real Estate

Imagine buying a home without ever stepping foot into it– Yes you read that right. The world of virtual reality has come to home buying/selling and it is a hot craze! Virtual Reality (VR Real Estate) is about as real as it gets without being in the home in person.

This is also helpful for model home touring and helps to customize designs such as counter tops and cabinets. Yes, you can have these options and make the home yours without having to actually have a builder start over with a model home.

Companies like Render 3D Quickly allow potential buyers to know exactly what they are getting instead of just a set of paper plans they can do a complete walk through without ever hammering the first nail.

Something I love about this concept is that companies like Render 3D Quickly can also help with knowing what you will get with a home remodel. I have so many ideas but I am a very visual person and need to see things in real life before I really know what I am getting myself into. I have often felt disappointed or like something wasn’t quite like I imagined before when doing home projects because I didn’t have any real visual knowledge about what I was getting. (Yes, I am a strange person HA)

Another service offered is aerial renderings which I also love the idea of. There is nothing like getting a true birds eye view of an area before choosing it for your destination. Often people are using drones but the idea of virtual reality appeals to me so much more. I really think that this new technology is absolutely groundbreaking!

Either way, if you are looking at a new business venture, a future home, touring a home that is already on the market but not in your area or building a brand new dream home check out these awesome companies that feature virtual reality as a part of their services.

How do you feel about this new technology? Does it affect the way that you shop for homes or services? I believe that this is so state of the art and will bring such a new perspective for potential buyers and sellers and will change the way the world of real estate works in so many aspects. Share your thoughts below, I would love to know what you guys think!


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