Ware Pet Products Sideways Sipper Chicken Waterer

Ware Pet Products Sideways Sipper Chicken Waterer

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About Ware Pet Products Sideways Sipper Chicken Waterer

Cooler keeps water cool and features 3 foldable legs as well as a hanging handle. UV stabilized plastic construction holds up in all weather conditions.

  • All-weather plastic construction
  • UV stabilized plastic construction
  • 3 foldable legs keep drinker off ground


What We Thought

Having 25 hens and a rooster you can imagine the amount of water that we go through making sure that those girls (and guy) stay hydrated especially in the summer months. The Ware Pet Sideways Sipper is great for times when we have chickens that are not wanting to drink with the masses and want to be a little more confined as this holds 1 gallon of water. We typically use 3 gallon watering containers for the other birds, but often if we need to separate a bird due to illness or even when we have baby birds this 1 gallon setup is absolutely perfect.


This watering system was easy to set up and is easy to keep filled as it is not the typical flip upside down watering system for chickens. The lid pops off, I put water in and put the lid back and I am done. This also ensures that I can keep it really clean and sanitary just the way the birds need.

The Sideways Sipper is available from many retailers and Ware Pet Products has a “find a store” option to find your favorite outlets for purchasing their products. They have something for every animal lover!

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