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Welcoming Guests Over The Festive Season: Creating A Comfortable Home

Over Christmas, chances are that you’ll be inviting a whole lot of friends and family over to your house. Being a great host means providing food, entertainment, excellent company – and, of course, a comfortable environment for all of your guests to enjoy. Here are some tips on how to make your home comfortable over the festive period…

Adapt Your Home


Depending on who your visitors are, you may need to make some small changes to your home. If elderly relatives are coming to visit then you must remember that it’s important to make sure they’re safe and comfortable. Provide extra cushions for support if they’re sitting on your sofa, and make sure they’re aware of any steps up or down if they’re going to the bathroom. Make sure that your home is free of clutter and that there’s plenty of space in your hallway for people to get around, along with adequate seating. If there are going to be small children at your house, make sure that you do some babyproofing by covering up any sharp edges and making sure that there’s nothing small around that could be swallowed.

Keep Your House Warm


We’ve all experienced the complete discomfort of being cold at someone else’s house, so make sure you don’t inflict that on your guests! It’s easy to let your house get a little chilly over the winter if you prefer to pile on the sweaters and thick socks, but remember that elderly relatives get colder more easily and that you might be warmer than they are if you’re spending time moving around in the kitchen. Get a quote from a double glazing company before Christmas if you want to invest in your family home, but if you can’t get that done in time, make sure that you have draught excluders and that all your doors and windows fit properly so there’s no pesky breezes getting through.

Provide Refreshments


Of course, it’s important to provide enough food and drink for your guests. It’s difficult to do this at the same time as actually being around to spend time with them – and you must remember that people will value spending time with you much more than they’ll value whatever delicious concoction you cook up in the kitchen for them. It’s important, then, to remember to choose food that requires as little preparation time as possible. Try to get as much done as possible before your guests arrive so you only have to pop things in and out of the oven.

Play Games With Your Guests


Christmas is the best time of year to be jolly, after all, so provide a pile of games that you can enjoy with your guests! Charades is always a great idea, and you can also get plenty of apps on your phone that you can play as party games. Games like Articulate are great fun to play with your family – just remember not to get started on a long game of Monopoly, as it might last all night, and you may just have had enough of your visitors by then!

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