What Causes My A/C to Short Cycle?

What Causes My A/C to Short Cycle?

Your air conditioner might sustain negative implications due to short cycling. Its cooling power will likely decrease, resulting in higher electricity bills, additional wear and tear, and more frequent failures. 

Most significantly, short cycling in air conditioners can reduce your home’s comfort. Here’s why your cooling system is short cycling: 

Your System is Too Large

An incorrectly sized A/C unit is one of the most frequent causes of short cycling. When it’s about air conditioning units, a bigger size isn’t always better. If your cooling system is too big for the room it’s cooling, it’ll be too strong for the house or structure, and it’ll blow out too much cold air too quickly, causing it to short cycle. 

Fast cooling may seem to be advantageous, but it is not. Rapid cooling can put more pressure on the system and cause unnecessary wear and tear. Contact an expert to check on your cooling equipment and for air conditioning repair near you.

Heat Exhaustion

If your air conditioner gets too hot, it will shut down. It is known as an adaptive protection mechanism that prevents the air conditioner from totally breaking down in the event of overheating. 

Fast cycling will occur when your system shuts down earlier than it should due to overheating shortly after startup. Low refrigerant temperatures, dirty air filters, and malfunctioning components are all common causes of its overheating. Overheating may be caused by something that makes the air conditioner work harder.

Low Refrigerant Concentration

Low refrigerant levels can make your air conditioner work hard and won’t cool your home sufficiently. Overheating may occur, including system failure and A/C short cycling. Low refrigerant levels may also contribute to other problems with your air conditioner, resulting in expensive A/C repairs.

Frozen Evaporator Coils 

Discontinued maintenance can cause the evaporator coils to get frozen. Short cycling is caused by frozen evaporator coils, which prohibit your air conditioner from adequately extracting heat from your house. When the air conditioner doesn’t disperse heat, it has to work even harder to do so, causing your system to shut down and overheat.

Dirty Filter

A clogged or dirty air filter can trigger various problems with your HVAC system, including short cycling. To avoid the accumulation of soil, dust, or other particles, check and refill your filters regularly. 

When the air filter becomes clogged, ventilation is limited, and the system cannot take in enough fresh air, it can cause many problems. Replace the air filters regularly to prevent short cycling and other typical HVAC problems.

Problems with the Thermostat

Your thermostat regulates air conditioning by deciding when the engine begins and ends. Whether you have a broken thermostat or if the thermostat is in an inconvenient position in your house, the air conditioner’s cooling time will be cut short. If the thermostat is placed above a window or vent that absorbs drafts or intense sunshine, the compressor will switch on and off at inconvenient moments. 

Electrical Problems

Your air conditioner would not be able to operate if there are any electrical circuit or control board problems. Your air conditioner’s correct operation depends on electrical signals, and all electrical components are vulnerable to wear and tear or overheating, resulting in short cycling. 

Leaks in the Air

If your home is lacking cold air, your air conditioner will short cycle. Air leaks may be caused by duct system disruption, inadequate insulation, or gaps around doors and windows. As a result, the air conditioner will begin cooling cycles shortly after each off cycle.

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