What Makes a Family-Friendly Community?

When buying a family home, it is as much of a concern to check on the quality of the community as you would for the house itself. You have to ensure that the neighbourhood is good enough to grow a family, happy and safe.

A house is the biggest investment you must save for the future and security of your family. But since it is a huge expense and it is not as easy to buy and sell homes when you want to, you must think your decision through before making the actual purchase. You have to check that both the house and the community it stands in meet your lifestyle requirements.

Yes, the neighbourhood is as important as the property itself. Remember that when you are buying a home, you are also making yourself part of a neighbourhood and that neighbourhood better be great. It must be a place to raise kids in and grow your family. So if you are in the market to find a place to be your permanent home address, make sure that the house and land in Grovedale you are eyeing is perfect in all aspects.

Since not all communities are created equal and that each family has its own set of requirements to begin with, you have to evaluate the neighbourhood for yourself and see if it matches your needs and wants and way of life.

There are, however, general rules to judge if the neighbourhood is right for you.

Considerably Safe and Sound

Never disregard the crime rate in the area. It is one of the things you must look at closely before moving in. If a community is considerably safe, recorded crimes are just isolated cases. Low crime rate is also a sign of a progressive community, certainly one that you would want to belong to. So make sure to check with the local police and other resources the frequency of crimes in that area you are eyeing before making a definite decision.

Great Schools, Healthcare Facilities, and Amenities

A great community is one where everything you need is accessible. There must be great schools for kids, medical care providers, and of course, amenities for recreation. It would be a bonus if the community is just nearby your workplace but if it is not, at least, it should have an accessible transport service available. Easily getting to where you need to be for work, play, socialise helps constitute a good life.

Lifestyle Match

After all that’s said and done, you would still go back to the fact that the neighbourhood you buy a house in is a sure fit to your way of life. With growing children whose energies are never depleted, it would be unwise to buy a condo, no matter how hip or chic the downtown neighbourhood is. You would, however, love a property where there are lots of open spaces and parklands for your family’s outdoor activities as much as there are commercial spaces for retail and dining and other adventures.

Look at a house and see yourself being in there for many years starting today. Your gut feel would tell you if it’s a match or not, if the community is in sync to your kind of life, and if your family could happily grow in it.

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