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What Shapewear Can Do For You: How To Choose The Perfect Bodysuit

What Shapewear Can Do For You: How To Choose The Perfect Bodysuit


1. Know Your Body Type


This is always the first rule. Know your body type and love it. Once you’ve got this on lock, make a decision on the best shapewear to choose regarding emphasizing your own natural curves. 


Apple and/ or rectangle-shaped girls usually look great in the corset type of waist trainer. Those who are pear-shaped can go for shapewear shorts especially when wearing tight pants. Ladies who are hourglassed will love one-piece bodysuits. And gorgeous plus size minxes also have their own selection of shapewear for plus size


Although at the end of the day, you do you, of course. Choose what you think looks sexiest on you! 


2. Compression Levels


Did you know that bodysuits have compression levels? For most, there are 3 levels in terms of tightness. It’s best to have a tape measure with you so that you can check your body’s dimensions against that of the shapewear you want. 


3. Shapewear Color


Color is another important feature to watch out for. This will depend on the type of clothing you’ll be wearing over the best shapewear. Dark fabric can be paired with black or dark bodysuits. Lighter toned apparel work best with equally light shapewear. Nude is also an alternative for this. 


4. Types Of Bodysuits


Having a good idea about the various types of the best shapewear has to do with matching them accordingly with different kinds of apparel. We’ve briefly mentioned earlier that shapewear shorts are excellent for clothing that’s bottom-tight and long. This includes pants, and long dresses and skirts. If you’ll be donning something shorter, then shapewear underwear will work excellently. 


5. Highlighting Targeted Body Parts


Finally, be confident about what body part you want to emphasize. If you want to wear a body-hugging one-piece dress, grab the best shapewear that’s also a one-piece slip-on. If you want your buttocks to be the star of the show, there are various bodysuits that will tighten and lift your hind portion seamlessly. At the same time, suits with push-up bras are great for making your breasts look plumper. And the list goes on! 

Who said plus-sized women cannot wear corsets? Just like Cinderella and Belle, you can wear a corset to get that slender waist look. While you are at it, why not style it with appropriate clothing to enhance the look?


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