2018 Father's Day Gift Guide

What to Get Your Dad for This Father’s Day

What to Get Your Dad for This Father’s Day


For most people, finding the perfect gift for someone is difficult. You want the person to appreciate, like, and use his or her gift. With Father’s Day coming up, you’ll likely be searching for gifts to give your dad. Here are some suggestions that will be sure to make your dad smile.


Electronic equipment is a great gift for dads. Even if your dad is inexperienced with electronics, there are guides and technology experts available for your dad to utilize. Technology is always improving and changing and as more generations of electronics and updates become available, the more user-friendly electronics have become.

A smart watch, such as the Apple Watch, is a great option for a Father’s Day present. Whether your dad never checks his phone for new text messages, is always running late, needs to get in better shape, or loves technology, smart watches are a great option! These watches are very diverse and not only tell the time but also alerts wearers when they receive a text, allows the use of timers and alarms, and tracks steps and exercise among many other abilities.

Many people keep their phones for years longer that they should, unaware that they are eligible for a brand-new phone upgrade at a discounted rate. A great gift would be to upgrade your dad’s phone. The newer the phone, the easier it is to use and read on, so your dad will likely be even happier with a new phone.

Another great option is a tablet. When the first iPad came out, many people were skeptical: what was the necessity for a big phone and small laptop hybrid? Over the years, that answer has been answered. It is portable, easy to use wherever you go, and oftentimes faster. Having an iPad has enhanced and made people’s lives simpler and many currently use them just as much as they use their phones.


Clothes somehow always find a way to disappear after doing laundry. No matter what, clothes are always a great gift and your dad will always appreciate wearing something that you chose for him. Whether your dad needs a new button-up shirt, tie, or you want to purchase him a funny shirt, he will appreciate the clothing because you personally picked it out for him. You can get more information by asking close family members what your dad needs and/or what his sizes are if you need suggestions or help.

Gifts for Specific Interests

Does your dad have a specific interest such as sports, entrepreneurship, craft beer, or cars? There are gifts for every interest. Here is a list of examples that you could choose from, depending on a few interests that your dad may have:

  • Sports lover: Several sport magazines and TV channels are available via subscription that any sports fan would enjoy
  • Entrepreneur: You can see Lifestyle Design International reviews to see the success stories that people have had thanks to LDI’s program
  • Craft beer enthusiast: Your dad could start making his own beer at home with a home brewing kit or you could send him a craft beer basket
  • Car expert: Several magazines are available to subscribe to on car topics whether your dad prefers new or classic cars
  • Gift Boxes for Men provide memorable gifts and can be tailored to what any guy wants. I love that there are boxes for hobbies, special interests and even food boxes featuring jerky gift boxes and other fun food items.

These unique gifts will be memorable and show that you have paid attention to your dad’s interests.

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