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When Laminate Flooring Makes a Best Wood Floor Alternative

When Laminate Flooring Makes a Best Wood Floor Alternative


There is something homey about the look of a hardwood floor. The natural beauty, colors, and rich texture make this flooring material one of the most famous – at least that was the case until recently.

Now, more house owners are looking for a hardwood floor substitute. The delicate nature, cost of wood floors, and top maintenance all make this traditional flooring material a little bit more heavy. If you are on the hunt for latest flooring, here are a few times when you might want to consider laminate flooring a best wood floor substitute.


Hardwood floors is infamous for scratching easily. From scratches by the legs of furniture to scrapes from your pets claws running across the floors, hardwood does not hold up simply to this kind of damage.

Laminate flooring is scratch resistant. Even though scratches can still happen, it is harder to break through laminates protective layer and destroy the look of the floor. If your house has kids or pets, laminate flooring makes a durable substitute to hardwood.

Easy to install

Installation is pain mainly with hardwood floors. There are so many moving parts that make hardwood floor installation a little bit more hard. Generally, homeowners have to hire experts to install this kind of flooring. Laminate is more DIY friendly. The special click and lock installation technique makes it quick and simple to lay new flooring.

Save money

Wood flooring is perhaps some of the most costly flooring accessible. It costs a lot to make and to maintain. It is also costly to install.

If you are looking for a way to keep money on your next flooring project, laminate flooring is one of the top substitutes. It is cost-friendly to purchase and install, yet top standard enough to look amazing for years to come with minimal maintenance. It is perfect flooring for families and refined taste on a budget.

Changing damaged flooring

Similar to installation, laminate flooring is also simple to change. Hardwood flooring might need that you change your full floors if they become destroyed. Laminate flooring permits you to change only one plank at a time.

To change laminate, just pull up each plank in the reverse way that you installed on the flooring until you get to the destroyed area. Then, swap out the destroyed planks with new ones and reinstall the flooring you just pulled up. It is easy, quick, and convenient.

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