Why Plastic Packaging Is Used for Produce
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Why Plastic Packaging Is Used for Produce

Not many people know that plastic is the best option for produce packaging. Because plastic is a byproduct of oil, it’s cheaper to manufacture than paper. On top of that, if it’s reused and recycled properly, it has a smaller carbon footprint than other products available on the market. Here is why plastic packaging is used for produce.

Extends the Overall Shelf Life of Produce

Unlike other products, plastic has shown time and time again that it can handle produce at the highest level. It cuts off oxygen that can find its way into the produce and cause it to oxidize and spoil. Plastic’s durability also increases the shelf life of its contents by preventing damage and bruising.

Lighter and More Durable Packaging

Plastic packaging is also noticeably lighter than paper or foam. It’s not as intrusive and has a certain appeal because it doesn’t look as though it’s getting in the way. It’s also super durable and strong. While it’s showcasing the produce, it’s also protecting it from micro-organisms and bacteria that might be lingering in the air from customers shopping in the store.

The Most Sustainable Option out There

Contrary to popular belief, plastic is actually the most sustainable resource for packaging products, especially produce. The idea that it isn’t comes from a lack of understanding about plastics. It’s how and what we choose to do with those materials after purchase that impacts the environment for better or worse. Realistically, it’s much cheaper to produce plastics for packaging than paper, even with recycled varieties. As long as we are doing our part to recycle, renew, and reuse our plastics, they can be a wonderful option for protecting the environment.

Now you know why plastic packaging is used for produce! Be sure to share this information with anyone who may have misconceptions about this packaging material.

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