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Why We Do Food Surveys from Restaurants

Why We Do Food Surveys from Restaurants



Do you ever visit a restaurant and see that they have a survey on the back of the receipt? We love doing those for several reasons. For example TellPizzaHut offers a survey where you can win $1000. You get a chance to share your opinions with the store chain and the chance of money is something great as well.


Other stores offer discounted foods for doing the same surveys and some even give free food. We recently did a post about how to get free food at restaurants and it was a big hit with our readers because lets face it; who doesn’t want free food? There are so many ways to get the free or discounted items, but the surveys are a huge part.


McDonald’s is a great example of a free food item for doing the surveys. They have buy one get one free quarter pounder with cheese if you do the survey and get the code to write on the pack of the receipt. This equates to a very cheap lunch for myself and my husband when we go out to do errands.

The end goal is getting all you can get for as little out of pocket as you can. We are partaking in a limited spend for the rest of this month and promotions like this help us to be able to stay within our budget but still grab a quick bite to eat while we are out. We are able to get something from a dollar menu for our boys who no longer really like Happy Meals or kid meals from restaurants and we save a great deal of money with that too since in reality you are only paying for a cheaply made toy and smaller portions of food.


The restaurant surveys also take place using mobile devices. We have used store apps to save points while answering questions and snagging deals that we would not have known about had it not been for the app. We also get messages and emails about deals that we would not have otherwise known about had it not been for the app or email.


If you are looking for ways to cut down on spending and also how to have cheaper meals outside of the home keep an eye on the blog as this year that has been a major focus for us.

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