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Why You Should Invest in a Standing Desk in 2022

Are you thinking to buy a standing desk? 2022 might be your year to get it. Or maybe you are torn between a standing desk and a standing desk converter. Is standing desk worth your time or money? Anytime you are in doubt, consider looking for reasons to get one. Below are some of the reasons to invest a standing desk.

Benefits of getting standing desk


The reasons for purchasing a standing desk are many. You have a high chance of improving your mood, increasing your energy, harnessing muscle and joint movement, lowering disease risks and improving your mental focus.


Physical benefits


  1. Burn calories

When you compare standing desk converter vs standing desk, you will realize that you burn more calories when you work standing. Therefore, you can:

  • Reduce overweight risks
  • Reduce weight gain
  • Reduce obesity risks


  1. Minimize lower back pain

An ergonomic chair can help reduce back pain. Back pain is contributed by bad posture and prolonged sitting.

When you use a standing desk well, you can improve posture, reducing the time spent sitting. In return, the whole act will reduce back pain.


According to a study conducted in 2014, moving to a standing posture from being seated can reduce lower back pain and fatigue. 


  1. Muscle strength


Standing is good since it can help you to build muscle strength. Experts believe that standing exercises can strengthen different body muscles like legs, butt and abdomen muscles. Strong muscles can:

  • Improve mobility
  • Reduce pains and aches
  • Reduce stiffness
  • Reduce injury risks
  • Improve balance


  1. Improve blood flow


Standing, especially with a bit of movement, can improve your blood flow. When you stand, especially while raising your heel, stretching your legs or any other movement engagement, you can improve the flow of blood in your system.


When you improve your blood flow, you can reduce sluggishness and increase productivity.


  1. Improve your life expectancy


It is believed that standing for a few minutes every day can help human beings live long. By reducing excessive sitting, you can increase life expectancy by a maximum of 2 years.


Mental benefits


  1. Improve engagement and mood

People using a standing desk can improve their work performance approximately by 43%. Among them, a large percentage will be more engaged at work after using standing desks for a long time.


Working while seated for a long time can result in increased anxiety, stress and depression, which will affect the overall mood and energy.


  1. improved productivity

Standing can stimulate circulation hence improving blood flow. When your blood flow improves, you will improve focus and alertness hence positive productivity levels. Since you will be suffering less from back and joint pain when using a standing desk, you will be less distracted.


The working principle of standing desk


Almost everybody knows what a standing desk is, either by using or watching someone else use it in a commercial or an office. Like the name’s meaning, standing desks allows you to work while standing.


When using a standing desk, you can either choose a sit-stand or fixed-height desk. The fixed height allows you to fix the chair at the normal standing height. The sit-stand allows the user to adjust the desk to either standing or sitting position.


Some tasks are well-executed while standing, while others can be done well when comfortably seated. Standing desks give additional flexibility!

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