Why Your Second Shot Is The Most Important In Golf

Golfers around the world will always spend a lot of time working on their driving and putting. If you’ve got a solid drive, you can usually get a hole off to a good start. Likewise, if you’re a putting pro, you’ll always feel confident once you get on the green. Both of these shots should be mastered, but they aren’t the most important shot on the golf course. 


Instead, the most important shot is your second one – and I’ll explain why!

Compliment your first shot

There’s nothing better than hitting a good drive off the tee and setting yourself up for an excellent hole. You’re on the fairway, or you’re on the green itself. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to snag an eagle or a birdie, so you don’t want to mess things up. 


This is why your second shot is so crucial. This next shot potentially stands between you and an eagle or birdie. If you get it right, it compliments your first shot and means you’re ready to have a very successful hole. But, if you get it wrong, it can undo all the good work you did with that initial shot. You really have to focus on nailing the second shot and ensuring that your first shot wasn’t for nothing. 


Save your first shot

On the other hand, the second shot can be used to get you out of trouble. Let’s say you have a terrible first shot that puts you in an awful position on the course. Your initial reaction is that you’ll be lucky to get a bogey out of this. But, if you can conjure up a good enough second shot, you might be back on for a par – or possibly something better. 


We’ve actually seen this in action recently on the PGA Tour. As Stephen Troese Jr writes, Patrick Reed shocked the entire audience with an eagle on the 17th hole in Bermuda. What was shocking was the fact that his first shot put him in a terrible position. But, with a good second shot, he bounced the ball into the hole for an eagle. You see, improving your second shot can turn a hole upside down!


Helps you improve your handicap

Ultimately, mastering your second shot can help you improve your handicap in golf. After all, it will ensure that you get to the hole a lot sooner than you otherwise would. The interesting thing is that your second shot can technically be any type of shot. On a par 3, it might be a put already. On a par 5, it could be another long drive. 


The key is learning how to mentally approach and master this shot. It’s about assessing where you are on the course and figuring out the best possible outcome from this shot. Sometimes, it’s a case of getting out of a bunker and as far onto the fairway as possible. Other times, it’s about trying to actually get the ball into the hole. Either way, this is the shot you should focus on the most as it can make or break your round.

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