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Wish Me-Wish Upon a Glow

Wish Me-Wish Upon a Glow

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have something your little one’s could wish to? I remember wishing upon a star when I was a child but this takes the concept to another level. I love the creative genius that inspired this adorable pup and how cuddly and soft it is.

Our boys love this and our oldest has made at least 1000 wishes since getting this one to review and it is still going strong. He has wished for everything from a fairy to come clean his room and for illness’ to be made better. We did explain to him that there was no guarantee that the wishes would come true and he has of course found this out but still loves the concept.


I love how interactive this dog is and that the boys can both enjoy loving and cuddling it. We have also had to spot clean her and have had great luck there as well.


Isn’t this the most adorable wish song?! I think it is so cute and easy to learn for the younger crowd as well.


I also love that the sounds are not incredibly loud so this is a great toy that our oldest can play with while the baby in the family is taking a nap. It also makes a nice rest time toy because of noise. There are 4 touch points for giggles and of course the beautiful bow lights up.

Just kiss the nose to make the bow glow– blow a kiss to make a wish! Choose from 1 of 6 puppies to make your wish and this even comes with a great wish list!


This is our oldest son Jack cuddling his Wish Me. If you are looking for a friend for your little one to cuddle and wish with then this is the best option! We are adding this to our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide as a great gift choice for children. It is available now for only $19.99 plus shipping. There are also unicorns available!



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