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Worried About What You’re Eating? Cut The Nonsense

We live in a world where it seems like all the food shelves are inhabited by brightly colored boxes with nutrition labels longer than the palm of your hand. I bet we’ve all had a packet of biscuits in one hand while watching tv or playing video slots online at some point this week. There’s no doubt that the mass availability of food that isn’t really good for us is one of the biggest factors in the increase in obesity, heart disease, illnesses, and our deteriorating general health as a society. If you want to eat healthily, you have to start cutting all the nonsense from your diet.

Eat natural

The ease of buying and eating processed foods make them tempting to fill the food cupboard with. But not only are processed foods much higher in salt, artificial colorings, preservatives, and empty calories. They also tend to reduce the nutritional value of the supposedly beneficial ingredients inside them. It’s easy to get tricked by meals that sound like they have healthy things inside them, only to find you’re not getting the benefits you should. When you can, eat whole foods instead, and when you can’t, make sure you’re buying natural products with as few preservatives and extras in them as possible.

Drink natural

Staying hydrated is essential of course, but it’s not enough to just give up cola and other soda drinks. Fruit juice is a great natural source of vitamins, but overdoing it will mean a much bigger sugar intake. You should also be careful that you’re not drinking fruit juice from concentrates. Often it has those extra preservatives that your body has no need of. Water is the key, here, but if you’re like many others, you’re concerned about what might just be in that water. Kratom tea is an alternative to coffee without the jittery effects. There are a host of new water purification methods on the market, including those designed by ecologist James P McMahon. These take a scientific approach to eliminating chlorine and the chemical agents even in tap water that are supposed to keep it clean but can instead cause the production of more carcinogenic in the body. Make sure you keep your water pure.

Stay natural

You can’t stop every possible toxic thing that could get in your body. So, for what is left, make sure that your body is able to work for you, to digest and detox, leaving only the nutritional value of what you eat. That means paying better attention to nutrients that help your digestive system, your liver & and your kidneys. The antioxidant qualities of green teas, broccoli, and kale, for instance, reduces stress on the liver. Meanwhile, a healthy supply of protein helps the liver produce the specialized proteins that help with blood clotting and the immune system. Your body has its own purification chambers, so make sure you take care of them.

Hopefully, the tips above are going to help you start finding ways to make sure your body is getting everything it needs without all the nasty extras that tend to come with most foods. This is only the beginning of your education, of course. It pays to learn more what natural ingredients you should be looking for and the warning signs that should turn you off foods. Also, it is important to know what and how to cook. Check PerfectKeto’s recipes page for healthy cooking ideasKeep doing your research.

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    While portion control is a huge weight-loss buzz phrase, and limiting your calories is the best way to lose weight, you don’t have to be rigid about measuring everything. If your daily diet seems too strict, try to include foods like these that you can munch on without worrying about how much you’re eating.

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