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    Organic Beef Jerky – Jerky Direct Giveaway

     Organic Beef Jerky  – Jerky Direct Giveaway! Hosted by:  Savory Savings Sponsored by: Jerky Direct Distributor, Michelle Heth Finding high impact snacks can be difficult, especially if you are looking to be in the organic and chemical-free zone of snacks.  Krista over at Savory Savings has always loved beef jerky, but when she and her husband started cutting processed ingredients out of their diets, beef jerky had to go because of things like monosdium glutamate (MSG), nitrates and the cattle being fed hormones.  That all changed recently when she was contacted by Jerky Direct Distributor, Michelle Heth, who told her about Jerky Direct’s USDA-certified organic beef jerky!  Not only is…

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