7 Warming Ways to Stay Cozy This Winter

Everyone loves the festive season. The Christmas songs, colourful decorations, presents, and excessive quantities of delicious food. But not everyone is so delighted by the prospect of freezing temperatures and dark evenings for months on end.


If you’re the type of person who gets cold easily and struggles to warm up, you may not be looking forward to the weeks and months ahead. There’s nothing fun about scraping ice off your car windscreen in the morning and watching your breath steam up as you work at your desk. To make things worse, energy prices are rising steadily around the world, and it may not be affordable to crank up the heating all day, every day. 


So how can you keep yourself warm enough to function properly and enjoy the Christmas period? Here are a few ways to keep yourself cozy at home and on the go, and take your mind off the icy temperatures outside.


Wrap up warm


When you’re feeling a bit chilly at home, turning the heating up isn’t always necessary. You have more than enough clothes in your wardrobe to do the job without racking up a high energy bill. Wearing multiple layers of warm clothing is one of the best ways to raise your body temperature, and it doesn’t cost a thing. Jumpers, fleeces, thermal tops, leggings and multiple pairs of thick socks will do wonders. And you can even opt for a wooly hat or scarf if the temperature demands. Dressing in this way will insulate your body more effectively, trapping warm air in between the layers of clothing. And you can add or remove layers whenever you wish. 


Eat plenty of food


In addition to warming yourself up from the outside, you can also heat up your body from within. Hot drinks or warming food such as soups and stews will instantly make you feel cozy and wintery. And if you have the time to learn a new skill, why not take up baking? Not only will your delicious homemade goodies make you feel toasty, it will also raise the temperature of your kitchen too. Maintaining a hot oven full of these delicious red velvet cookies or a simmering pot of stew on the oven is much more practical and useful than keeping the central heating on all day. 


Stay active


When you engage in physical activity, your body generates heat. That’s not to say you need to run a marathon every day, but being more active will help you to stay warm. Try a free online workout every so often, or just engage in some physical housework like cleaning or DIY. It will take your mind off the cold long enough to raise your core temperature.


Spend more time upstairs


Everyone knows that heat rises, so it stands to reason that the warmest part of your home will be upstairs. If you are lucky enough to have multiple levels in your house then resolve to spend more time on the upper floor. Consider temporarily relocating your living room or home office to a new part of the house to maximise your chances of staying comfortable. 


Make your home more energy-efficient


If your home always feels cold, one of the reasons might be that it is energy inefficient. Before the winter rolls around it is always a good idea to have your heating system inspected to ensure it is in good condition. Check your doors and window frames for any gaps where heat might escape or cold air could enter and seal them up.


Talk to your boss


It might be that your living space is nice and warm but your office is draughty and miserable. You spend eight hours a day at work, so you shouldn’t tolerate discomfort, especially if it is affecting your work. Talk to your boss about your situation and request that the office temperature be raised to a more comfortable level. You never know, your coworkers may be feeling the same way but are too nervous to speak up.


Huddle for warmth


The best way to stay warm is to share body heat with another person. If you live with a partner or close friend then why not huddle together under a blanket on the sofa? And if you live alone, cuddling up with a pet is just as effective. Keep your furry friend close at all times and you can both make it through the cold winter together.


The winter won’t last forever, but it can still be an uncomfortable time if you’re not adequately prepared. Follow these seven tips and you will stay toasty and warm throughout the entire festive period.

Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 8 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

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