Basic Grooming Tips for Dogs and Cats


Basic Grooming Tips for Dogs and Cats


Being a pet owner comes with responsibility. Just like us humans pets need food, shelter, attention and last but not least they also require grooming. Different pets have different grooming needs, it is very important to be know your pets grooming needs when you decide to add them to the family. Let’s take a closer look at some of the general grooming needs of different pets.



Bigger dog breeds are harder to groom, imagine giving a St. Bernard a bath in the middle of winter? Some basis grooming needs for dogs are:

  • Bathing – Dogs need a bath on a regular basis in order to clean their coats, to get rid of ticks and fleas and to ensure the general well-being of their skin.
  • Grooming/Shaving – Dogs with long fur especially need to get groomed on a regular basis. With the help of a shedding tool loose fur and dirt can be removed from their hair, and knots can also be untangled to give them a healthy shiny coat. A full body shave is recommended especially after the winter, some breeds grow longer hair during the winter months for added heat, getting rid of the winter fur will ensure that your dog gets use to summer temperatures with ease. Grooming your dog should also include dental care and that is where choosing the best dog toothpaste for your pet can make a huge difference.
  • Nail clipping – Dogs need to get their nails clipped on a regular basis. Short clipped nails is not only hygienic but it also ensures that your furniture won’t get scratched as badly if your dog likes to jump up onto the couch.   



Cats are fairly self sufficient animals, but they also require grooming. Chances of your cat rolling around in the mud like a little puppy are slim but they occasionally do silly things as well, let’s take a look at some general cat grooming tips.

    • Fur Grooming – Cats in general are furry animals that shed hair all over the place. It is vital for cat owners to own a good shedding tool to groom their cats with. With the help of a shedding tool loose hair and dirt will be removed from their fur, shedding will be reduced and their coats will be healthy and shiny.
    • Nail Clipping – Cats scratch for multiple different reasons, but the main reason is to mark their territory. Cats have glands on their paws that secrete a scent onto areas that they scratch thus they mark their territory with their scent. Nail grooming is very important for cats, it improves general hygiene, it protects furniture and it allows them to scratch safely.


  • Tick and Flea Prevention – Cats in general don’t enjoy taking a bath, luckily there are other ways to protect them against ticks and fleas. Flea collars can be used, or tick and flea powder can be thrown on them to protect them against these nasty little monsters.



General grooming of your pet doesn’t have to be a tedious chore and we hope this quick guide has outlined some of the key ways grooming dogs and cats differs.  

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