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Benefits Of Cold Seal Packaging

A water-based cohesive coating that industries use to seal different types of packaging material is called a Cold seal. The cold seal is known for its self-seal adhesive that only needs some pressure, and the job is done. Lastly, of course, since it is a cold seal, it doesn’t require any heat. 

When you open a candy and find some adhesive residue at the opening, well, that is the remains of cold sealing or cohesive coating. The cold seal packaging’s application is expected to rise at a substantial rate between 2021 and 2026. 

Benefits Of Cold Seal Packaging

There are numerous benefits of cold seal packaging, and because it is different from heat seal, it makes it more desirable. Heat seal packaging obviously requires heat and can’t be done on heat-sensitive products. 

On the other hand, cold seal packaging is excellent to improve production speed. It reduces production delays and is comparatively less harmful.

Manufacturers prefer cold seal packaging into heat-sensitive products like chocolate bars, protein bars, breakfast bars, nutritional bars, ice cream novelties, etc. Furthermore, there are numerous benefits of cold seal packaging, such as:

No Need Of Heating

Eliminating the need for heat is great from manufacturers’ perspectives. However, heating the packaging line takes time and consumes energy, so manufacturers admire cold seal packaging. 

Secondly, there are no burn-related injuries while packaging. Moreover, cold seal packaging is excellent for heat-sensitive products as there are fewer chances of spoilage. Finally, a substantial amount of energy is saved because there is no need to warm up the equipment with cold seal packaging. 

Faster Packaging

Unlike heat seal packaging, the cold-seal adhesive doesn’t need excessive dwell time. It only requires pressure to work. Sealing with heat requires maintaining the temperature at a certain point to let heat pass through the layers and activate the adhesive without burning anything. While there is no need for such hassle with cold seal packaging. 

More Production 

Cold seal packaging takes less time in manufacturing. Thus the manufacturer can supply more products in less time. Moreover, it doesn’t need any heavy expenditure to increase the performance or overall productivity. 

No Need Of Separate Packaging Line

Cold seal packaging doesn’t require a separate packaging line. It can be done on the existing heat seal line. All you need to do is turn off the heat, and when you need heat seal packaging, you can always turn it on. 

In Conclusion 

Considering the benefits of cold seal packaging, undoubtedly, it is a desirable option for packaging. Moreover, many start-ups and mid-sized firms prefer cold seal packaging because of its several benefits. 


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