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Earth Networks – How Does Proprietary Sensor Technology Work


How Does Proprietary Sensor Technology​ Work?


Advancements in communications networks and forecast systems technology have allowed the National Meteorological and Hydrometeorological Services to improve public weather services and provide advanced warnings for events that, once upon a time, could not be predicted. This innovative technology is referred to as “proprietary sensor technology.” However, though it falls under one name, there are several different types of systems at work. A few of those systems include storm detectors, severe weather tracking software and Total Lightning Network.


Storm Indicators


The most innovative storm indicators can be seamlessly integrate with local television networks to measure the environment around you. These systems require little maintenance but are designed to withstand the most severe weather threats. They can track factors as mild as humidity levels and ice-cold temperatures, and weather elements as severe as brewing thunderstorms, hurricanes and tornadoes. These advanced storm indicators have access to real-time, local weather intelligence and give communities ample warning when severe weather is about to hit.


Severe Weather Tracking Software


Storm tracking software can be added to just about any device with internet access. In fact, your smartphone probably has access to storm tracking apps that come with real-time alerts and updates. These radar apps feature realistic map topography, weather forecasts, current data, and alert systems.


Total Lightning Network


Nature itself is one of the best storm detectors available. The lightning strikes that you see from the ground during a typical thunderstorm are only a fraction of the bolts that occur in the atmosphere. A majority of lightning activity occurs in the clouds and can serve as an advance indicator of anything from a heavy rainstorm to a tornado.


Proprietary sensor technology offers ample opportunity for networks and the NMHSs to keep members of communities prone to severe weather safe. While each technology is effective in and of itself, when you combine storm indicators, severe weather tracking software and Total Lightning Network, you can create a tracking and alert system that is unbeatable.


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