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Easy WordPress Emails by WP Mail SMTP Pro


Easy WordPress Emails by WP Mail SMTP Pro

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Missing emails from your WordPress site? I know it has been an issue for me for many years and the reason why I completely went away from using WordPress based emails and continued my path with Gmail.


wpforms has been a trusted brand for bloggers and now they are growing and becoming bigger and better with each passing day.

Why use WP Mail SMTP?

  • Outlook 365 — Send emails with Outlook 365 with our Microsoft mailer
  • Amazon SES Mailer — Use the power of AWS with our Amazon SES integration
  • Email Logging — Keep track of every email sent from your WordPress site
  • Email Control — Manage notification emails

Are you not the best with the technical aspects of websites? I know sometimes I need an extra hand because new things are often confusing or I plainly do not have the time to work on installing things due to other obligations.

One of our goals has always been to make using WordPress simple for everyone — even non-technical people.

But setting up a transactional email service can be downright hard. We’ve seen how confusing it can be and want to make sure users of all skill levels can have a WordPress site that sends reliable emails.

So we’re introducing White Glove Setup and making it easier than ever to set up WP Mail SMTP.

Here is what they have to say about White Glove Setup:

White Glove Setup, available to WP Mail SMTP Elite users, gives you access to 1 on 1 support from the experts on our world-class support team.

Don’t have time? Feel a bit in over your head? The WP Mail SMTP team’s got your back.

Our White Glove Setup service lets you sit back and relax while we:

  • Install + setup the WP Mail SMTP plugin
  • Configure + adjust your DNS for email domain name verification
  • Setup Mailgun
  • Testing to confirm everything works perfectly

A lot of you were asking for it, so we’re thrilled to start offering White Glove Setup because we love going the extra mile for our customers.

Learn more today by clicking WP Mail SMTP including pricing and plan information.


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