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Forget Christmas: Here’s Why You Should Be Preparing For Springtime Today!

With Christmas right around the corner, the last thing you are probably thinking of is sunshine and a summer heatwave. Festivities often take over at this time of year; and whilst it’s good to get into the spirit of things, not being prepared for the next change of seasons can sometimes end up leaving you in the lurch. Just as winter comes around quicker than we are all prepared for, so does spring/summer. With that in mind, it can be worth starting to consider what you are going to need to make your springtime as smooth and enjoyable as possible. If you’re not sure where to begin, read on for some inspiration.


One thing that every family needs in their backyard for summer is a BBQ. More and more people these days are choosing to entertain outdoors; and if you are blessed with beautiful summer weather, why shouldn’t you? First things first, take a look at your current family BBQ. There are certain things you should look at to make sure it is still suitable for use. If it has been packed away in a shed for a while and hasn’t been covered with a sheet, your BBQ may have fallen victim to creepy crawlies. For hygiene reasons, it is best to dispose of your BBQ if you think bugs may have settled in there. Any BBQ that is overly rusty can also pose the risk of poisoning your food – so with this in mind, it may be time to get a new one. Buying a BBQ during winter might seem silly – but the prices are much lower than during peak summer season, so you’re the one who’ll be laughing in the end.

An air conditioning unit

We all know the feeling of wanting to escape from the baking sun on a hot summer’s day. However, there’s nothing worse than coming inside your home and finding the temperature isn’t much different to outdoors. As well as being uncomfortable, this can cause irritability within your family due to people feeling stressed from the heat. You might associate air conditioning units with hotels and shopping malls, but having one in your home too can work wonders. If you already have an A/C unit, you may want to consider air conditioning replacement if you have had it a while. A/C units last around 10 years and how effective they are can depend on the humidity of your property, so it may be worth investing in a new one.


Fly nets

For many people, hot weather means spending time outdoors and being at one with nature. However, most of us would agree that there is a limit to this and that sharing your home with flying insects is precisely that limit. Bugs can descend upon our towns and cities during hot weather spells as they thrive in humid conditions. So if you want to avoid inviting some unwelcome guests to stay, you might want to take some precautions. Fly nets are a great and non-hazardous option to protect your home and your family, and you can get them for windows too.

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