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Get Your Kids Away From The Screen With These Activities

Are you tired of seeing kids constantly glued to the TV, their phone screen or a games console? Me too and new tech is helping. For instance, the new Nintendo Switch actually has a really cool feature. If you think your child has been playing for too long, you can switch it off remotely or send a warning that it’s time to save and switch off. But this probably isn’t the answer to the problem of kids spending all day staring at a screen. If anything, it’s just going to lead to arguments. What you need to do is look for sources of entertainment that are so cool and exciting, they don’t want to be stuck staring at a computer screen. We’ve got some great ideas.


Forget COD, Go Commando

COD stands for Call of Duty. It’s a ridiculously popular first person shooter game that allows children, young men and sometimes full blown adults to live out testosterone fueled fantasies. But, it’s not quite as exciting as firing a real gun, and while we’re not condoning that, paintballing is a happy fun in between. Through paintballing, you can head to one of the many courses where kids will be able to shoot paint pellets at their friends. Don’t worry, it’s very safe with plenty of gear available. You can find out more here:, and if that doesn’t cease your fears remember, it’s not a real gun. Though kids will certainly love it and it’s not that expensive. Particularly if you buy your own equipment. Let’s look at another option we’re sure kids would prefer instead of staring at a screen.


Need For Speed Like Never Before

Need For Speed, it’s another popular game and this one is all about, you guessed it racing. Think Fast and the Furious in the early years and you’ll be halfway there. It’s perfect for kids desperate to get out on the road when they’ve only just passed ten. But do you know what’s even better? Go Karting, and there are plenty of options for this. There’s definitely a track somewhere close to where you live. For a fair price, you can give your kid a couple half hours racing around an actual track at close to fifty MPH. Once they’ve done this once, they’re not going to want to go back to holding a joystick, that’s for sure.


Adventuring To The Extreme


Or finally, how about letting your child be a real adventurer just like Indiana Jones or whoever Chris Pratt is playing in his latest blockbuster. You can with outdoor adventure course for kids. Have a look at: for an example. The heights are real, the thrills are there, but there’s no danger. All the safety gear halts any possibility of bumps or bruises and ensures your kids get an awesome day out. They certainly won’t want to be stuck inside when they realize that possibilities like this exist. After all, who wants to watch a secret agent rock climbing when you can pretend to be one, doing it yourself!


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