How to Make Floor Cleaning Easier


For some people, sweeping, mopping and vacuuming the floor are three of the most dreadful activities there can be. Some types of floor can work against your best efforts to keep it clean, especially if you don’t have the ideal tools. Some types of people in your house, especially children, can work against your best efforts to keep the floor spotless. And as much fun as finding new ways to play with kids or pets can be, having to find new ways to clean the floor is never as much fun.

This guide will help you take better and easier care of the floor in your house. We’ll present techniques, tips and tools that can make floor cleaning easier. However, there is one general tip that is, quite possibly, the most important one. The more often you clean your floor, the less painful it’ll be to clean it. Saving five minutes of your day for sweeping or vacuuming can prevent having to remove accumulated dirt or dust for over an hour during a weekend. That’s not to mention stains or permanent damage to the floor!

Know Your Floor
Every type and finish of floor needs a special approach and demand a specific set of care measures for a better cleaning — and, most importantly, maintenance. Brooms, dust-mops and vacuum cleaners are the basic tools and can be used in any type of floor. You should, however, get to know the specific traits of your floor that demand more attention so that you don’t waste your time and effort.

●   Laminate: The number one thing you should avoid with a laminate floor is water underneath the planks. Use silica if necessary. You should also never polish the flooring, but rather replace it if damaged. Laminate tiles have sharp, bright looks, but can’t be restored once the finish is removed or the tile itself has fissures.

●   Masonry: Ceramic and stone tiles need to be sealed and waxed every year. Another important measure you should take regarding them is to clean the grout thoroughly, perhaps with the aid of a steam cleaner. Rinsing the floor with water is also indicated after intense cleaning, which should be done every week with a damp mop. Unsealed stone floor can be cleaned with hot water and a microfiber mop.

●   Vinyl: Vinyl flooring has the most intimate relationship with waxing: you should re-apply waxing every six months
and remove excess wax every year. Vinyl tiles can be cleaned with a wet mop, but the grout will also need a special care with a steam cleaner every once in a while.

●   Wood: You must not mop waxed wood and you should take extra care with spills and stains. Wipe these immediately, especially with cork flooring. Polyurethane finishes can be cleaned with a damp mop, and you should do that often to avoid damaging the floor.

Identify troublesome spots
You shouldn’t treat all floor equally. It’s important to save time and effort by identifying what are the most problematic spots in your house: maybe your kitchen is always full of bread crumbs that don’t, however, lead nowhere.


Maybe there is a particular spot between furniture pieces in your bedroom that is always dusty. It’s important to mark these spots down and clean them with more attention every day, prioritizing them in deeper cleaning routines too. This is especially vital if you consider food scraps invite critters and critters invite diseases. Floor cleaning is a crucial part of keeping your house and its members healthy.

Use a Robot Vacuum Cleaner
As mentioned before, the daily care is the most important aspect of making floor cleaning easier. This is made particularly easier with a vacuum cleaner robot, saving you even the five minutes it would take to sweep or vacuum the floor.


According information I found on site RobotBox, in this article, best ratio of the price and quality are robots vacuum Deebot!

Every model has a three-stage cleaning system that sweeps, brushes and vacuums, allowing them to clean spots and edges as well. Depending on your type of floor or on the layout of your house, you may want a model that avoids or prioritizes certain areas. If that’s the case, consider picking a model with a great navigation system and app integration.


You may also want vacuum cleaner robot that comes with a cordless canister vacuum cleaner for you to clean the high parts of your house while it cleans the low.

Use Carpets — Wisely
Carpets can help maintain your floor clean by covering the most problematic areas of your house. They aren’t a catch-all solution, however, as you’ll obviously have to clean them too. Even so, carpets can trap dust and other fine particles in their fibers.


You may want to consider smart carpets too. Not only do they capture more fine particles, they also release them more easily when vacuumed — and only when vacuumed.

If you have to move heavy furniture but can’t lift it, carpets make sliding easier. You’ll also prevent damaging the floor while doing it. They also present a comfortable solution to protect the most frequented areas of your house, or the ones that are the hardest to reach. If you think of them as “removable floor”, they can help organize your cleaning routine. Speaking of furniture, it’s imperative to clean all of it often too. This will make floor cleaning easier, since all dust eventually ends up on the floor.

Don’t Bring Shoes Inside
There is no reason whatsoever to use shoes at home. It’s not even comfortable, but even if it was, you should still remember shoes bring dirt, scraps and potentially threatening microorganisms from outside. A shoe rack right next to the entrance door will act as a reminder not to walk into the house with shoes on. Indoors slippers or socks are a good alternative for those who don’t feel comfortable walking barefoot, especially guests.

You also want to keep some rooms’ floor as isolated as possible from the others. Your bathroom may have its own collection of slippers, for example. Remember to clean shoe soles often, especially if you live in the city — asphalt can be dirtier than natural soil. Take special care during the rainy season.

All these tips should make your floor cleaner, which in turn makes it easier to clean — which makes the floor cleaner again. This is a virtuous cycle that needs attention and effort to be maintained.


Remember to choose your flooring wisely and use whatever is necessary to keep a healthy cleaning schedule in your house. With the proper tools and understanding of what your floor needs, cleaning becomes a much less painful process.

Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 12 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 12 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

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