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Introducing Stripe for Payments on WPForms

Introducing Stripe for Payments on WPForms

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Do you have the need for recurring payments on your website? I know that while this website doesn’t need to take payments our fishing lure business could benefit from this completely. WPForms has really blown forms for websites out of the water when they added the Stripe addon to accept payments.

We are already Stripe members and love that this all falls together in one complete setup. WPForms was already changing the world of forms, but this just ices the cake. This allows for recurring payments, such as our famous mystery packs that we offer our loyal customers. I love that we can just set up a simple form so that our customers can get what they want without me having to bill each person every single month.


Everything is so easy to manage either one time or recurring payments. There are many ways to keep customers organized including by name, subscription ID or even by transaction.


Set up is simple by just providing information about the type of recurring payments that you are looking for be it weekly or monthly and even by the quarter, semi yearly or even yearly all while still allowing the great and easy to use one time payment method.

Supporting WPForms has been one of the best decisions we have made in recent times and while we don’t use the service here on the blog there are many other aspects of our business lives that this service does justice.

What are you waiting for? Check out WPForms today! Their own blog is so great and filled with a wealth of knowledge as well. We love going over to read about new products and services that are offered.

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