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Lifetime Movie Club Review

Lifetime Movie Club

Lifetime Movie Club Review


Everyone knows that I absolutely love Lifetime movies. I try to catch all of the new ones and even enjoy going back to the old early 2000’s movies that my teenage heart adored.


Recently I got the opportunity to try out the Lifetime Movie Club and I have to say I really enjoyed it. I love the options to pay as well. You can either pay per month $3.99 or $39.99 per year which saves a few cents per month.


So you are more than likely wondering how does this work? Well it’s really simple. You sign up for the initial 7 day free trial, download an app to your favorite device and start watching. I found classics on there such as “Mother May I Sleep with Danger?” starring Tori Spelling as well as many others. Another perk is that Lifetime Movie Club promises a new movie is added every day. This becomes a great option for my cord-cutting followers who are looking for yet another reason to ditch the cable. What better choice to make than cutting the cord AND still being able to see your favorite Lifetime movies?


Most recently a movie premiered called “Girl in the Box” which was pretty good, but I missed the initial premiere which really disappointed me. I am happy to know now that this movie can be streamed. YAY!


What are you waiting for?

Sign up for your free 7 day trial now… get a nice blanket, some of your favorite movie snacks (mine happens to be popcorn with a few M&M’s tossed in), a drink and indulge in some awesome Lifetime Movie Club movies!!


While we are at it… comment below what your favorite Lifetime movie is/was. I have so many to choose from. “Fifteen and Pregnant” is an all-time favorite and until recently I never knew it was based on a true story.


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  • Kathy Hendrickson

    Horrible! The movies on there suck! None of the good lifetime movies are on there. I would have loved to have seen some older movies, as they were better than the new ones. It’s like they picked all the crappy ones and out them here. I had it for about 2 months and just canceled it. They haven’t added any new movies in weeks. Trust me, it’s not even worth $3.99 pet month. A complete waste!

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