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Loving Your Home: The Essential Maintenance To Plan For Next Summer

Being a homeowner comes with a responsibility of care for your house. While there are regular maintenance tasks, such as cleaning the rooms, checking the water softener, and mowing the lawn, there are also tasks that can only happen once in a year. These are heavy maintenance duties and need to be tested now to decide if you need to plan them for next year. Get ahead of the game and get those two quick checks to determine your home improvements for 2017.

Quick Temperature Check: Are You Cold Inside?

Winter is the season to wear cozy jumpers and drink a cup of cocoa in front of the fireplace. However, for many homeowners, winter is a time when even the fireplace can barely warm them up. The guilty party for this tends to be a combination of poor insulation and old heating system. The signs are easy to check. Poor insulation means that the windows are not keeping the warm air inside the house. Similarly, they are not keeping the cold air outside. The best way to know whether this is the case is to sit by a shut window. If you feel that the temperature is colder than in the rest of the room, it will mean that the window is not doing its job properly. Upgrading your windows to tight double-glazing alternatives is the best way to solve your problems. However, this is a costly intervention that will require a financial plan. Additionally, as this implies the removal of all windows, this is the kind of project that you want to save for warmer weather. On the other hand, an old heating system is easy to spot as the heating unit can’t keep the temperature, which is something you can test at the touch of the hand. This is also a cost and time demanding intervention that you’d better prepare for a season where you don’t need the heating to be switched on!

Quick Humidity Check: Are You Dry Inside?

As winter is a wet season, either with rain or snow, it is, unfortunately, the best time to notice an abnormal amount of moisture inside the house, whether it is a leak or mold formation on the walls. The presence of dampness in the house can cause serious illnesses and breathing complications, therefore if you spot mold, you want to act quickly. Cleaning the damp off the wall and investing in an effective mold cleaner is imperative. But it is equally important to identify the cause of the dampness. This is likely to be water running in places where it shouldn’t, consequently infiltrating the structure. This could come from damaged wall paint on the external walls, from a leak in the pipes, or from damages in the roofing structure. While it may be difficult to plan an intervention during the winter season – unless your case is an absolute emergency -, you can get started by researching your options online to address the issue when the weather allows, such as, for example, to repair roof damages.

Getting your roof fixed

To sum up, how miserable the winter season is inside your house doesn’t have to be a fatality. Take note of the issues now, and start planning to get them fixed in spring or summer 2017!

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