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Moving With The Minors

Moving house can be a scary business – and that’s just for the adults. There is so much stress involved, so many things that need to be done, and when it comes to the final date where you actually have to get packing and moved into your new place, it feels like you don’t have enough time to get everything done. So think about how hard it is for the kids who have to go along with this move and how they’re feeling about everything. There are a few tips and tricks to help them to feel a bit happier about the situation if they’ve only shown signs of anxiety up to now.


Let Them Get Involved


If they’re of the age where they can help, get your children involved as much as they can. While they can’t contribute much to the actual process, they can have a peruse at the beginning of homes for sale and help to choose which ones to view. Then, when it’s time, that’s when they can really dig in and help. Whether it’s packing their own boxes from their rooms, helping to move them into the back of the car or van, picking the colour that they want to decorate their room in and then helping to paint it or simply keeping out of the way while you get stuff sorted – it all helps them to feel like they are a part of what’s happening.


Help Research Where You’re Going


A place is less scary if you know something about it. This goes for moving with children – they are more likely to be anxious and scared if they don’t know much about their new home or the neighbourhood in which it is situated. The movie Inside Out can really help with the stresses of what’s to come – it shows that there is a happy ending to a new situation, which initially can seem like the most overwhelming and daunting thing that they’ve ever been through. Don’t look over this fact – it probably is just that.


Stress The Importance Of Technology


Nowadays, we have so many gadgets and devices that will let us keep in touch with the people we love and miss at the touch of a button. FaceTime and Skype are just a couple of the things that allow us to see people in an instant, but everybody else is just a phone call or a text away. Flights are cheap nowadays, everywhere is accessible and it’s probably not the last that they’re going to see of friends and family … especially with technology on our side.


Talk About The Benefits


As parents, you are obviously moving to a new place because you feel it will benefit not just you but your children; if not now, then certainly further down the line. People move houses for a host of different reasons, but some may not become clear to your kids until they either go through it themselves or of the age where they can comprehend it.

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