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Winter Is Coming…So Prepare Your Home


When the season changes from autumn to winter, you often feel the effect in many different areas of your life. The days are shorter, and sunlight isn’t seen as much, so it’s important that you soak in as much vitamin d as possible when you can. Your wardrobe completely changes and you start to wear haves and scarfs and other fun accessories. You’ll find that you end up going out less and you stay in the house more. It’s, therefore important that you make your home super cosy and warm. If you’re spending more time than ever there, it’s essential that you actually enjoy being there! There are some things that you can do around the house to make your winter months easier to live with.

  1. Clean your gutters

There might feel like more of a summer chore, but in fact, it’s important that you do it in the winter too. Get yourself up a ladder and remove all of the debris from the gutter – you’ll be surprised what is hiding up there! By doing this regularly, you help avoid the risk of water damage. If you gutter does overflow you could end up with damages floor boards.

  1. Check the heating

It’s crucial that during these colder months you conserve as much energy as possible around your home. It’s already expensive you keeping the heating on as much as you are, so make sure you do your research. Look into what various energy providers can offer you and discuss pricing plans with your family. HVAC zone controls will ensure you can control things better around your home. Having control around the home is important when it comes to paying your bills.

  1. Don’t forget the garden

A good winter freeze will actually do your garden the world of good. It might not look pretty for another few months but now is the time to prepare. Let the frost kill off any weeds that have been hanging around. ¬†While it’s still dry, give the lawn one last good mow to keep it looking trim and tidy for as long as possible. To make sure you enjoy a blooming good spring, plant some bulbs now and give them a little bit of attention every now and again.

  1. Insulate the house

It’s important that your home can keep in the heat in the winter time. If it isn’t able to you will end up spending a fortune on wasted energy. It’s, therefore, crucial that you get your insulation checked over. Without the proper insulation, the heat will escape, and you’ll end up throwing money down the drain.

  1. Check you insurance

Insurance is a good thing to check at any time, but especially so in the winter. So many things can go wrong, and the cold weather can cause havoc. Check your current policy and make sure you’re aware of what you’re covered for. Don’t be ignorant when it comes to your home.

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