Your Car and Dust/Sand

Your Car and Dust/Sand


Texas is a pretty dry place, and there’s quite a lot of desert, you know. All this makes for a dustier and sandier, on average, environment in which to drive. Now, you may own the latest thing in automotive machinery, but that doesn’t make it immune from the effects of dust. In this article, we explain the inherent risks and possible solutions to a dusty driving environment.


First, here are the risks that dust poses to your car:


  1. Damage to the paint job

Sun and sand may be fun at the beach, but for your car’s paint it’s a nasty combination. A layer of dust will start to eat away at your top coat of paint, and will also embed itself in any hairline cracks and make them worse.


  1. Damage to the windshield

Overexposure to dust can reduce the integrity of your car’s windshield. As with the paint, existing cracks will collect dust granules and become embedded.


  1. The air filter

Sand and dust are among the chief culprits that can clog up your air filter. The filter traps any particles in the air and prevents contaminants from getting to the engine. A big clog of sand and dust will reduce the airflow, which in turn can cause overheating and internal damage to your vehicle.


Second, here are some simple solutions


  1. Regular washing. If you don’t have time to wash your car every week yourself, or don’t have kids willing to do it, your local dealership usually offers high-quality detailing that will ensure the sand and dust is safely removed.


  1. Regular maintenance. If you’re in Texas, then checking on your air filters should be one of your priority checks when you’re doing basic car maintenance. Any good local dealership will know that, too, and be ready to help. Don’t forget to also check your oil for dust/sand contamination.


Finally, there’s always hope if you don’t make silly mistakes

Texans’ war on sand and dust will probably never be won, but we can mitigate its worst effects as long as we do things right. Here another checklist for when your car is covered in dust.


  • Don’t run your fingers/hands on the dusty panels, because it can cause scratches
  • Continuing from that, don’t attempt to create dust or sand art in the dirt layer
  • Wipe it down with a dry rag or old t-shirt – always use a soft, clean, microfiber duster

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