BubbleBum Makes Travel Easier

BubbleBum Makes Travel Easier

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Traveling with kids can be a real adventure before you ever leave home. Typically when we travel we “caravan” with my parents to a rental home several hours from here. We enjoy spending time together and of course our boys enjoy the time with their grandparents.

Having an extra booster seat for Jack is absolutely a must instead of switching him in and out of one vehicle, especially while traveling. One thing I have always loved about BubbleBum is that it is SO easy to install and easy to inflate as well. I can literally have this ready to put in another vehicle in minutes. Several years ago we reviewed BubbleBum and our thoughts are still the same. Safe, an alternative to bulky booster seats and easy to store when not in use.

Getting another BubbleBum booster seat means that grandparents can now have their very own to keep with them and the need to transfer seats reduces even more.


More Information:

  • BubbleBum is the award winning foldable, ultra portable inflatable car booster seat (for ages 4-11) that is ideal for daily use, road trips, fly ins with car rental, Uber and Lyft rides, carpooling and more. It inflates and deflates in seconds and easily fits into a backpack, large purse or tote bag. Parents love the fact that its compact nature allows for three across the back while kids love the fun colors. It has earned the IIHS (Insurance Institute of Highway Safety) Best Bet Award 8 years in a row. BubbleBum was invented by Irish mom Grainne Kelly after she grew frustrated and concerned for her children’s safety while traveling.
  • BubbleBum the foldable, ultra portable inflatable car booster seat that is the proven functional equivalent of any rigid car booster seat on the market. It has had to undergo all of the same crash-testing and materials testing as any other car booster seat and meets and exceeds the requirements for the US FMVSS 213 regulation.


  • BubbleBum is not inflatable in the same way as a beachball, it is actually more complicated than that.  It is filled with memory foam technology, which provides structural integrity, and in the event of a crash stabilizes the flow of air within the inflatable chamber. Thanks in-part to this memory foam, the BubbleBum has been crash tested and approved even when it is not inflated.  That means that if the seat gets punctured in the event of a crash, it will still protect your child as you would expect a booster seat to.


  • BubbleBum’s internal webbing harness runs all the way around the front of the seat, under the cover.  This webbing, holds the inflatable section of the seat in position. It is attached to the 2 red side clips, and so in the event of a crash, it causes the clips to pull the lap belt down on the strongest part of the child’s body.


  • BubbleBum is not just an “occasional booster seat”.  In truth, there is no such thing as an “occasional booster seat”. BubbleBum is perfectly safe to use on a daily basis for all your family travel needs whether it’s a long road trip, or daily school drop offs, errands, play dates, etc.


  • While there are other portable devices on the market, BubbleBum offers the crucial ‘boost’ provided by a true booster seat which is important because it provides height, which raises the child up, so that their legs fall comfortably downwards towards the floor.  Without the boost, if the child is positioned correctly, with their back firmly against the back of their seat, their legs would be at a right angle to their body. A child in this position will quickly become uncomfortable, and to compensate they will slouch in the seat introducing slack into the vehicle seat belt.  In the event of a crash this slack can cause the lap belt to ride up into the soft tissues of the child’s abdomen causing life threatening injuries.


  • BubbleBum offers Comfort, and Convenience, without Compromise, keeping EVERY child safe on EVERY journey.
    BubbleBum comes in black, chevron pink, and three international designs: Stars and Stripes, Union Jack and Irish Shamrocks. It is available on Amazon at: for $29.99, twin packs available for $59.98


Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 8 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

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