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Dealspotr: An In Depth Review


Dealspotr: An In Depth Review

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What We Thought-

I recently was invited to give Dealspotr a try and see what I thought and let me tell you I am impressed. Dealspotr has been deemed the Wikipedia of deals, where literally you can find a deal on absolutely anything you are looking for.

This time of year I am constantly scouring the internet for deals, savings events and ways to keep a little extra money in my wallet because lets face it, the holidays have gotten expensive! Gifts, food, gatherings and overall spending being up the holidays are a time that we all need to save as much money as possible.

I love that Dealspotr is crowd sourced meaning the some 30,000 members and growing daily help find the deals. That means there are people keeping an eye on those deals to make sure they are all legit too. We have all gotten to the check out before at an online store only to find the “hot” deal that was online is no longer good. This site eliminates the let down of that. It is almost depressing to build up and then be let down over a hot deal. The deals are also ranked with a likelihood of working which I love. This helps me to determine if I really want to try, or just keep scrolling.

Since its launch last year, Dealspotr has helped people save over $15 million dollars! With savings like this there is no reason to question why Dealspotr is one of the fastest growing savings sites on the internet.

I love the overall feel of Dealspotr because it reminds me of other popular social media sites where I get a feed of exactly what I want to see. I have several things selected that I like to keep an eye on and this helps me to stay not only focused but to limit things that I do not really want to see or that are not relevant to my family.  In my feed I have Wal-Mart and CVS as selected shopping stores that I enjoy.

It seems that no store is left untouched with Dealspotr and there is even a section on my feed where I can get “On Fire Deals” and also “active stores” where I can see which stores are being actively used.

There is another perk I want to talk about though, one that makes me the happiest of all. While you are shopping, adding deals that you find yourself and doing other fun things you can earn gift cards and even extra PayPal cash. Yes, you read that correctly. While saving and sharing deals with your family and friends you can also earn extra for yourself. More money to me equals more ways to save money because I like to use my gift cards and PayPal cash to literally stack up my savings and to track them as well.

If you are looking for one of the hottest deal sites on the internet, this is absolutely the place to be. Dealspotr is cutting edge, trendy site and is a must use place this holiday season to get involved with saving and also score those hottest deals. (By the way, the hot item in our home right now that I am waiting out is the Paw Patroller) What is yours? Head over to Dealspotr and check out the many many ways you can save and also earn that extra money!

Comment and let me know your favorite ways to save money on the internet :-]


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