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Simple Ways To Add Value To Your Home

Whether we’re in the process of selling our homes or not, we all like to see its value marching in the right direction. However, value is rarely just added to a home (though a famous neighbour would do it!), it has to be worked for. What some people don’t realise is that it doesn’t have as difficult to add value to a home as you might think. In fact, just a few simple additions your home can add tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of value to it. Take a look at our recommendations outlined below.

Front Gating and Bright Lights


A house is our castle, and our immediate surroundings are our grounds. Rather than being open to all passersby, it’s much better to corner yourself away from the herds and also make your home secure in the process. Adding a front gate and wall to your property adds a layer of exclusivity to the property that is otherwise very difficult to come by. Adding front lighting also showcases the property, and home security experts also note this is an effective way to deter would be criminals. For families looking for a secure area to bring their children, these simple steps might be all it takes to get them to consider your property over other ones.


Make use of the Space


You’re in your home day in and day out, and unless you designed it yourself you’re probably not aware of the potential space you’re missing out on. Look at your attic and your basement: what are they currently giving to you, besides a place to put your old junk? If you were to convert these into new rooms, you’d suddenly have a home with two extra bedrooms, and we don’t have to tell how important that would be to its value. Similarly, what’s your garage up to? Fewer and fewer people are using their garage as a place to store their car, which means there’s potential to transform it into a whole new room. It could be a games room or another living space, for instance. Also don’t forget the old trick to make narrow spaces look bigger: mirrors!


Work on the Front


We spend all our time inside our home, and sometimes forget that it’s actually the outside that everybody else sees. Spend a little time and money working on this part of your property and you could quickly add value to your home. What you actually do can be simple: it can be a matter of changing the door, clearing away any unflattering growth areas, or even just adding a nice door handle!


Storage Space


People these days want to maximise their number of rooms and also have plenty of ingenious storage space. That means making it so that belongings don’t have to take up valuable rooms elsewhere. Look above you – could you install storage space there? What about under the stairs? People do have a habit of getting excited by small details, and being forward thinking with your storage is one simple way to get them on the hook – and add value to your property.


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